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Community Manager: 

If you are interested in managing campaigns, getting in touch with brands and bloggers all over the world, and making an impact on social media, this is the position for you.

Required skills:

·  Writing skills - fluency in both English and Hebrew is a must.
·  Love of social media and PR.

·  Self-management abilities - great time management skills, ability to multitask, intelligence.
·  Outgoing personality - able to walk into networking events and be comfortable introducing yourself to strangers.
·  Innovation, creativity, and a good sense of humor.

Business Development: 

Interested in company business development? This is the first step towards your future career. 
We have over 20 categories, so if you love a certain topic you can choose to focus on this area and develop business relations within this category. This includes connecting with brands and and bloggers in the industry and attending events/exhibitions.

If there are events during your internship you may be asked to come along and make connections. 
Contribute with out of the box thinking; you will be able to apply your ideas and see them develop.
Required skills: 

·   Studying/studied Business Management.
·   Ability to build an international network.
·   Good writing skills.
·   Skills in applied analytics and drawing conclusions.

Daily tasks:

·   Developing new categories.
·   Managing categories.
·   Working together with international brands/bloggers.
·   Connecting with international events/conferences.


If you love DATA and you know how to take it to the next level with a MARKETING mindset, this is the position for you. This position will push your analytic skills to be more than numbers, and you will find opportunities to develop the business within a team environment.

Required skills:

·   Studied and love Statistics and Figures.
·   Familiarity with statistical software.
·   Systemic vision and creative business thinking.
·   Ability to work independently.
·   Good interpersonal communication.

Daily tasks:

·   Analyzing and creating marketing information for the purpose of ongoing activities.
·   Analyzing customer behavior on website.
·   Analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activities and production control reports.
·   Using advanced tools for analysis and clearly displaying results.
·   Working closely with Marketing.


Computer Science /Programming: 

Do you have a passion for coding? We have a great internship opportunity for people wanting to develop their programming skills in a real working company with real programming tasks. Help build upon our foundation and see how your implementations affect the running of the company.

Required skills:

·   PHP.

Daily tasks:

·   Building new functions as required for BlogsRelease.
·   Fixing any issues that arise within the platform.
·   Working within a dynamic team environment.