What is blogger outreach?

The site enables brands to communicate their PR/BR message to bloggers around the world according to pre-selected categories.
By featuring on the Industry News Board you can engage with bloggers and inspire them to write about your product. BlogsRelease is the single platform
from where information as a news source and blogger outreach can be managed and organized.

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How to Reach Relevant Bloggers with BlogsRelease.

As a brand - how do I know the effect of my Blogs Release?

You will receive a report with statistics of how many bloggers received your blog release, how many wrote about you with the unique link from the post, 
and you will receive a dynamic report of the views. You can view all of the information on your own personal dashboard. 

How can BlogsRelease support brands?

BlogsRelease gives you the Industry News Board to feature your content on to thousands of bloggers.
We also send out daily newsletters with your message to our active blogger partners. 

What kinds of bloggers use BlogsReleas?

Our blogger partners come from a variety of backgrounds, from technology to art to mom bloggers. We have 20 categories of interest and many choose multiple options.
You can see
our categories here. 

What types of materials can I share?

You can use almost any promotional materials and if there’s something that is not possible to share we’re happy to hear what else you need.

How can I select a specific blogger category?

You just choose the appropriate category to you, and if something does not fit please send us a message and we’ll look to create a new category for you.

How can I specify a region to target?

Simply: Select the region to where you’d like to send your messages.
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How do I register as a brand or an agency?

Sign up and start uploading your brand materials. The information goes directly to the right bloggers.
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How much does the service of BlogsRelease cost?

Each blogger campaign starts at $5000 for 5 blog posts. See full pricing here.


How can I get all brand information?

Browse our Industry News Board for interesting and current news. Brands publish most of their content online but you can reach the Brand Manager directly if you need to.

How does BlogsRelease benefit bloggers?

We provide filtered and inspiring information when you want it, in a field that interests you, from brand you want to hear from so there is no spam mail.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile can only be seen by the Administrator of the site.

How are bloggers protected from being spammed?

Our systems are designed to message bloggers only information from their chosen categories and fields of interest – in beta phase, if there are errors please accept our apologies as we work to tweak any small glitches.

How do I register as a blogger?

Sign up to receive the latest brand materials that will inspire your blog.
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