What The Experts Say About Us:


  Michal Mendelson-Deutsch, Digital Marketing Director, L'Oreal Paris:

“We had a co-operation with BlogsRelease with a launch of a new mascara.

The results are our evidence for the success of this co-operation:
In terms of SEO we have conquered the top 10 search results in Google and the share of buzz increased immediately. There is no doubt that this is a very interesting and powerful tool!”


  Francoise Raes, Social Editor-in-ChiefSocialyse:

"We have been very pleased to work with BlogsRelease for our first campaign. The results were good and the collaboration very effective.  I'm sure we will have further collaborations with BlogsRelease".
  Amelia Smith, Marketing Manager at Social Media Today:

"It was great working with BlogsRelease! The process of posting was easy and BlogsRelease gave us lots of exposure. We would love to partner again in the future".
Amanda Subler, Public Relations & Media Manager for Content Marketing World

"BlogsRelease helped us get more exposure for our event thanks to the easy-to-use system that targets thousands of key bloggers around the world".

  Irina Kremin, Co-Founder of Global Cosmetics Community:

"We got a great exposure to beauty bloggers around the world for #beauty20 Awards with BlogsRelease. It is a perfect fit for us! The publishing system is easy-to-use, it helps us to reach thousands of beauty bloggers and we would love to continue working with BlogsRelease in the future".


  Matt Hunt, Marketing & Social Media Executive, Six Degrees:

"Working with BlogsRelease for both Apps World Europe and Apps World Germany has and continues to be a pleasure. It’s a fantastic platform to increase exposure of stories and press releases supported by a very user friendly system that allows targeting of a variety of industry sectors ensuring relevant and widespread coverage. We look forward to continuing our partnership for future events!"
  Sophie Park, Head, Marketing & Operations, Health 2.0:

"BlogsRelease was a great media supporter of Health 2.0 conferences both in the U.S. and abroad. They were easy to work with, reliable, and their network reach was beneficial for our attendees around the world. It was a fun way for even our sponsors to get involved with publishing their own releases for blogs! Thank you, BlogsRelease for a smooth process from start to finish!"

  Orchidee Stachelig, Content Manager, Casual Connect:

"It was a pleasure to communicate and partner with BlogsRelease, who turned out to be another cool opportunity for indie developers to spread the word about their games, and possibly get new players, fans and feedback. The latter comes from various audiences that come across the indies' posts on BlogsRelease, so the comments and suggestions might be more varied, honest and less expected, which can be the base for more exciting and uncommon updates to existing games, as well as for the future creations. BlogsRelease also submitted an interesting article to Gamesauce, that actually gives useful information to the audience. Would love to work with BlogsRelease in the future".

  Lean In, Partnership Team:

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Lean In team! We are so excited by your support of the mission and would love your help in further promoting Ban BossyThe response to the Ban Bossy campaign has been incredibly positive and we would be thrilled to have your support in continuing the momentum".

Adriana Paneva, Business development and partnership lead at Webit Congress:

"We from Webit team want to say a big THANK YOU to BlogsRelease for their great support for the Global Webit Congress 2014. BlogsRelease was really important channel for us to spread all important news for GWC. Looking forward for next chance to work together!"


Jenny Arellano, Marketing and PR Associate at GWC:

"Thanks so much for the support and partnership. GMIC SV 2014 was a big success and we can't wait to do it all again next year with the help of great partners like you. We appreciate all the promotional help". 



Maya Holtzer, VP marketing & business development, USaddress:

"It has been a pleasure working with BlogsRelease. With BlogRealese it was easy for us to reach out to bloggers in an easy way, and distribute our services to them. The bloggers reviews helped us increase awareness of our services in new countries and to new audiences we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. I want to say thank you for your efficient work and support. I would love to work with them again in the future and will happily recommend BlogsRelease to others".


  Moty Yacov, CEO, SecuriGo

"With BlogRelease I’d reached out—individually—to hundreds of media outlets and bloggers, knowing they are targeting the right people and building relationships with bloggers in our industry. Our website visitor number increased by 25% after using Blogrelease".
  Eduardo Paiz, CEO, Mayan Case:

"BlogsRelease was a great partner to work with, they delivered timely what they offered and make sure the campaign was a success. I highly reccommend working with them, they are very very good at putting you in touch with influencers from various industries".
Bassem Ghali, Founder & Head of Client Strategy at Green Lotus

"It has been a pleasure working with BlogsRelease during our last Donate & Learn event. Media partners are vital to the charity initiative and helping increase awareness and spread the word!

Without media partners like BlogsRelease we could not have raised over $9000 for our partnering charity, and gain over 450 attendees. Thank you!"


Ivan Bushtruk, PR-manager at Smile Expo:

"Thank you for your efficient work and support. I happily will recommend BlogsRelease to new colleagues in future project and events. I am sure that in the future we will have a long and fruitful cooperation as we had in Bitcoin SPB. Always a pleasure to deal with reliable partners like BlogsRelease that helped us to get the word out about the conference through their bloggers network. See you in the new projects."


  Julie Klok, Marketing Assistant & Social Media Coordinator at DK Company:

"I found it really easy to use BlogsRelease to promote our fashion brands. We have experienced an overwhelming interest from bloggers who wanted to write about our clothes – and it is a great way for us to raise brand awareness across Europe”.
Lindsey Moav, Creative Solutions Architect at Moavs Marketing:

"BlogsRelease allows brands and marketers to reach bloggers without going crazy. They provide you with a targeted list, allow you to select your favorite bloggers, and then they take care of the rest. You’ll get a beautiful report dealing coverage and ongoing support. I've done campaigns now for jewelry and cosmetics, and will use BlogsRelease next time I want a brand I work with to reach bloggers. If you are a brand or represent one and want to get some blogger reviews, save yourself a headache and pay BlogsRelease to do it for you".
  Carl Berndtson, Managing Director of Confex Partners Ltd. for BZ Media:

BlogsRelease has quickly become a center piece of our events promotional strategy, across key client industries including IT, private equity, energy and healthcare. The staff support and value-added suggestions are world-class. But of course the main benefit is one-stop access to thousands of influential bloggers through a trusted resource, while saving us time and money".  

  Ed Frank, CEO of Axis Innovation:

"We hosted the Axis Tel Aviv in March 2015 and worked with BlogsRelease to get our message out - it was very effective and we look forward to continuing our cooperation".
Inbal Elad, Marketing Communications & Creative Content professional at Primer: Content  & Marketing Communications:

"I definitely recommend BlogsRelease - for any marketer and brand manager. It's an easy way to distribute stories and marketing info to bloggers. I believe bloggers are very important for a business reputation online, so getting them to write about my client's product was quite a challenge.. My published BlogsRelease proved to be effective - within a week a started seeing the product reviewed on blogs (the SEO boost was a nice perk..). Registration was very simple, too".
Rachel Batish, CRO at Zuznow:

"BlogsRelease was the perfect solution at the perfect time for us. We had an important product launch coming out, and we needed to get quick coverage in the right places! In 2 weeks we were featured both in Huffington Post and in the Entrepreneur.Com. The feedback and impact was amazing!"