4 Blogging Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Bloggers often seem like they have the perfect lives and profession, but there are a lot of obstacles to maintaining a successful blog that make it anything but an easy job. Blogging comes with its own set of challenges, and requires real passion and dedication to become a lucrative business.  

The problem: Time Management

Blogging requires more labor than people may think, and becomes a full time job for many. Between finding content, writing, photography, web-design, editing, and marketing, a blogger has to become an expert in many different fields to succeed. Time management is essential, and aspiring bloggers need to be very organized. According to the CoSchedule Blogger Survey, finding time is the number one problem bloggers face.

The solution: Make a set of goals for each week to keep yourself from being too overwhelmed, but don’t expect to be able to meet your goals every time. Make some back up posts in your free time that will be ready to go if you can’t meet your weekly or monthly blogging quota. Consistency is very important, as readers will expect you to stick to your schedule. Use tools like Trello and Asana to keep your tasks ordered and organized.   

The problem: Content That Stands Out

Content is the very essence of a blog, representing your point of view, personality, and brand. Although you may start blogging thinking you have a lot to say, after a while it will start to be difficult to come up with engaging and original content.

The solution: Think outside of the box and start engaging more with your audience. Are you sure you’re giving them what they really want? Are there concerns you could address? Another tip is to seek out collaborators and partnerships to enhance and expand your scope. Try content curation tools and blogger review tools like BlogsRelease to find inspiration. And remember to use and create engaging visual content. On Twitter, tweets that include images increase retweets by 150%!

The problem: Difficulty Generating Income

If you’ve decided that blogging is more than just a hobby and that you want to make your blog into a serious business, generating revenue will soon begin to be a pressing concern. Because of the competition (over 120 million active blogs), not all blogs will become profitable.

The solution: It all depends on how influential your blog is. As you grow your audience, make it clear to brands that you are open to cooperation and participation with blogger review campaigns. You can host some advertisements (though not too many, as that turns readers off) on your blog for a little extra cash, as well. As you become more respected as an expert in your subject matter, you can start creating ebooks and classes as well.

The problem: Lack of Boundaries

Blogging tends to be a personal activity, with your own life becoming an interesting spectacle for your readers. If your blog is becoming successful, you will find that your home life and your professional life will begin to intertwine. It may be difficult to separate the two.

The solution: Schedule some time every week (or even every day) to be completely offline. No updates, no social media, no shares, retweets, or likes. Make sure that this time is a consistent part of your routine and use it to recharge after being in the blogging bubble.

Blogging is certainly not for everyone, with most blogs being created and shut down within several months. However, with the bevy of tools and advice available for newbie bloggers today, if you’re truly passionate and committed, a little patience and organization will help you succeed on your blogging journey.