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Blueprint Of Your Blogger Review Campaign

Crafting an effective campaign pitch for influencers is a skill, but one that can be easily grasped with the understanding of the basic anatomy of a pitch. The key is to keep it simple, clear, and interesting.

To make the process easier for you, we have crafted a sample pitch to demonstrate the key points you will need to cover for your next blogger review campaign on BlogsRelease:

Blueprint of the Blogger Campaign Pitch Google Docs1. Heading

Your heading and sub-headings need to be clear, concise, and to the point. What will the bloggers be reviewing and for whom? The sub-heading needs to clarify what kind of bloggers are needed.

2. Images  

Your photo can make or break your pitch. In order to avoid the dreaded ‘scroll-past’, make sure to select crisp and attractive images of your product and of people using it (more than one photo is encouraged!)

3. Intro

Who are you? Provide some background information on who you brand is and what you do, but keep it short. Unfortunately, readers will not want to slog through a full history of your company.

4. What’s The Product?

Don’t forget to add more detail about the actual product. What is it, exactly? What need is it answering? What makes it special and better than the competitors?

5. The Offer

Nobody wants to promote for nothing, and vagueness when it comes to compensation is not appreciated by the influencer community. Make sure to note exactly what the blogger will get (whether it’s a fee, getting to keep the product, discounts for readers, etc.) and what you expect them to do in the campaign. A good tip is to create a unique hashtag for the campaign. This will make social media discussions easier to follow and will add to a more organized feel.

6. Who You’re Looking For

You can make this section as detailed as you require. If you’re not quite sure of the scope of the campaign, you can be more vague on the numbers of followers you would like bloggers to have. However, after you research your target market you will probably have a good idea of what kind of bloggers will actually be effective and will be able to narrow down your requirements.

7. Important Links

We will add a link to the application, but make sure to also provide all of your own relevant links! Where can the blogger get more information on the product? Do you have a company Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? Include all the relevant channels.

With all of these sections covered, your blogger campaign pitch is ready to go. Except…for one last handy tip: spelling and grammar. Double check the writing, as bloggers will be less likely to find a mistake-ridden pitch appealing. In any case, the BlogsRelease are always willing to help you craft and edit your pitch if there’s a language barrier.

Now you’re ready to launch your blogger review campaigns and create online buzz that lasts!