How To Reach Bloggers In Any Industry

Marketing with bloggers is extremely trendy at the moment, and marketers are wondering how best to benefit from the thriving and influential blogging community in different industries. However, before launching a campaign, it is important to research the scope and type of influence bloggers wield in your field. The following chart from Izea shows how large the representation of influencers is in different industries:

How To Reach Bloggers In Any Industry Google Docs

We have taken a few of the biggest influencer industries to give you advice on how to best approach different types of bloggers in order to create buzz and market your company.


It’s not shocking that food bloggers are particularly popular, as looking for new recipes and admiring snaps of delicious dinners on Instagram tend to make up the bulk of the social food-related experience. However, utilizing food bloggers may prove to be more challenging than, for example, beauty, since they do less product reviews. Still, dedicated foodies are open to other types of partnerships. Invite bloggers to your restaurant opening or just for a meal to review; encourage word of mouth.


When thinking about the parenting blogger community (mom and dad bloggers), it is important to emphasize the ‘community’ aspect, perhaps more than in other blogger fields. When it comes to parenting, people are eager to trade tips, participate in forums, and offer each other support. Hosts, roundtables, and AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on your social networks to encourage discussion.


When it comes to beauty and fashion it’s all about product reviews and impressive visuals. These bloggers are more active on sites like YouTube and Instagram. Offer them samples and products to get your brand’s name out there. Discounts for their readers and viewers are also a great way to drive traffic to your own site.


Platforms like Pinterest are DIY and lifestyle hubs, with users eager to show their own creative interpretations of the latest trends. Partner with bloggers to launch fun contests in order to mobilize their audience.


With a technology like apps, for example, it is more difficult to do a traditional product review. However, there is a good opportunity to get more insightful feedback about all of the areas of your product you have questions on. Furthermore, research on what particular blogger niche would be most interested in your product, as approaching passionate sub-communities may be more likely to result in sales.

With these tips you can launch your own blogger campaign today! Let us know what you think in the comments.