When and How To Work With Bloggers

The rise of ad blocking means that brands need to find alternative ways to market their products. If you’re seeing lost revenue due to budget wasted on ads that will inevitably be blocked, it might be time to consider influencer marketing and blogger review campaigns. This content-driven marketing tends to be budget-friendly and effective, driving up traffic and building up your brand’s credibility. If you’re seeing this, along with cool blogger campaigns by brands like L’Oreal and Ford, you will want to get in on the action. But if you’ve never done a blogger campaign before, many questions will arise, such as, ‘When should I run a blogger campaign?’ and ‘How do I even work with bloggers?’ Well, we’re here to clear it all up!

Of course, you can launch blogger campaigns any time for a boost in SEO and word of mouth, but as all marketing, partnering with influencers should also be done in a carefully considered way for optimum results. The best times are when you’re launching a new product, feature, or hosting an event that you’d like more promotion for. Bloggers love exclusive access, and you will get more exposure and buzz about an up-and-coming launch if you give influencers a sneak peek to get their audience interested.

Holidays are also an excellent time to reach out to bloggers. When shopping activity is up, so is online browsing, as nowadays consumers frequently check online reviews and social media before make a purchasing decision. When is shopping activity up? Obviously Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the Christmas season in particular are prime opportunities for blogger campaigns. Offering bloggers discounts and coupons for readers will be welcomed by their audience, which will be looking for the perfect gift.

Setting up campaigns with bloggers to coincide with other sales (such as end-of-season sales, for example) is also a smart move, as is taking advantage of other special holidays where shopping may be a priority (for example, Valentine’s Day).

Finally, don’t waste your work hours with time-consuming googling and endless emailing. Reach out to influencers with platforms like BlogsRelease, where we can help you find relevant and top ranking bloggers with just a click. Yes, it’s really that simple!