Working with Bloggers: Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario

Just like working with journalists and business partners, working with bloggers can be a full time job and requires time, research, and people skills. As with any business venture, there is of course the dreaded Worst Case Scenario: a blogger hates you and your product and writes a vicious review. Not all reviews will be glowing, that’s unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. There are several things you need to remember if you want the partnership to be successful.

Seek Guidance

First of all, reach out to professionals who know how to reach out to and speak with bloggers. When everything is going well you probably won’t need any mediation but if there is a problem with the product or blogger, you need to be prepared.


Choose the right category of influencers for your products. If you have a product especially suited for mothers, for example a child-proof lipstick line, it may not be the best idea to give out samples to young fashion bloggers without children as they wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the product. Not doing enough research on your demographic may end up really hurting your campaign.

Think and Evaluate

Don’t rush into the campaign. Write a Q&A before you launch, and make yourself answer the hard questions to see what possible complaints there could be about your product.  

Follow Up

Ask the bloggers to update you when they receive the products and make sure to inquire that everything is in order. Ask them if they feel that something is wrong – don’t wait for the post! If there’s an issue, put the blogger in touch with the person who can assist them.

In the end, even if the review is negative, the blogger will be aware that you made every effort to accommodate them and address their problems, which they are likely to mention. This will result in your company and customer service coming off well, even if the blogger did not enjoy the product!

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