5 Influencing Bloggers in the Beauty Industry to Watch Out For

Are you attending innoCos Digital in London? Here you are going to find the latest and greatest beauty bloggers in the industry. It could be that you are attending the event to engage with these influencers to promote your latest beauty product. And you can really make an impression on your audience by enlisting the help of expert bloggers that will showcase your product in the best light; converting their readers to being your brand ambassadors.

“We live in the blogging world and love to find bloggers that really make an impact for brands,” says Dani Finkelstien co- founder at BlogsRelease.

Here is our list of the upcoming 5 Beauty Bloggers you should know about in 2015:

  1. Pretty Proof – stay-at-home-mom, and former marketing executive. Who could be more perfect for a beauty product review blog?
  2. AlisonLovesJB – this beauty vlogger is up and coming in 2015 and has on average over 100,000 views per video. Keep an eye out on this one.
  3. Beauty Bets – Founded in 2009, this beauty blog is filled with gorgeous product reviews from a contributing team worthy of a beauty award.
  4. Tanya Burr – A favorite vlogger, Tanya also has a fantastic blog where she confidently lets her readers into her beauty world and its products.
  5. Miss Maven – An actress and a blogger who started her blog after so many of her friends asked her for beauty advice; gorgeous blog with hints of fashion, style and glamour.

These are just a few of the brilliant beauty bloggers that are available for you to engage with.

Do you have a favorite beauty blog you want to promote? We would love to hear from you.


This article was first published on innoCos Digital.