nab show takeaways

Our NAB Show Takeaways

This year’s NAB Show attracted a huge audience – over 100,000 people from all over the world registered to attend. With thousands of companies in attendance and countless speeches in progress it is impossible to summarize the entire massive event. However we can give you our own takeaways we got from the convention that we think will be relevant for the marketing and tech industries in 2016:


TV Needs to Modernize

In the opening keynote, NAB president Gordon Smith and Disney TV’s Ben Sherwood addressed the need for a new strategy to revitalize broadcast television and move it forward. This was a recurring theme throughout the event, as concerns were raised over the future of broadcast, new television standards, and the encroaching challenges of both FCC regulations and online media.


Social Media Plays an Important Role in News

We learned at this year’s convention that audiences are more likely to trust broadcast news that have social media channels and that social media presence for the big news networks is particularly important for breaking news. Meanwhile, brands were also encouraged to engage in social listening in order to better connect with consumers.


Virtual Reality: The Great Debate

Virtual reality and VR technology was the hot topic this year, with many voices chiming in for and against. VR companies plugged their products in the VR Pavilion while critics dismissed the tech (which often requires the purchase of an entire new device) as still clunky and unappealing for consumers. However, it is clear that VR is gaining popularity and is evolving more and more by the day – after all, there were plenty of skeptics questioning the usefulness of something called the ‘world wide web!’


What’s Next for Video?

The latest video trends, 4K and Ultra HD, was also brought up often, with emphasis made on how they will change the video industry. While certainly not brand new, it seems that 4K is starting to gain popularity. Yet all of these predictions may prove moot with the buzz around 8K.


And of course how could we end a post about NAB Show 2016 without mentioning the drones? The VR-controlled drones were especially impressive, and with so many of these machines flying around it’s safe to say that the future was certainly at NAB this year.