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Social Media Marketing World 2016: Top 3 Insights

This year’s Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego had a lot to offer marketing professionals. With over 3,000 attendees and big name speakers like Jay Baer, Ann Handley, and Mari Smith, it’s not surprising that the conference was a big hit, earning nearly 1 billion (!) impressions online. Check out our top 3 insights and takeaways below.

  • Do It Live: Take the Stage with Video Marketing

As Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner noted in his keynote, video marketing is the big thing this year. Many speakers either focused on or at least mentioned video.

There was quite a bit of buzz about Facebook’s new livestreaming (or ‘livecasting’) service, Facebook Live. Mari Smith advised that longer videos on Facebook were the way to go in order to grow organic traffic. As evidenced by the many streams from the event itself, attendees were indeed making use of live video on different platforms, from Facebook to Periscope.

What is one big benefit of livecasting? Simply put, being more human, which was another ongoing theme during the event.

  1. Follow the Audience and Snap

SnapChat was the belle of the ball at this year’s conference, taking the enviable spot of fastest growing social network.

However, SnapChat is certainly not for everyone, and it’s up to individual brands to decide if and how it will work for them. The ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ nature of SnapChat poses the biggest problem but its quickly growing popularity proves that a message doesn’t need to be long lasting to make an impression.

And is SnapChat itself just a one-off success, destined to fade into obscurity in the next few years? Who cares! As Gary Vaynerchuck put it, marketers need to “obsess about the behavior of people” now rather than waste too much time trying to predict the next big trend.

  1. Find Key Influencers and Let Them Work Their Magic

Lee Odden provided attendees with several tips on identifying and recruiting influencers, noting that the right influencers may not be the most obvious ones. “Everyone is influential about something” but it is taking that concept and narrowing down what type of influence you need for your campaign that’s the challenge.

Mark Schaefer stressed that while social sharing is the most important metric marketers have, it’s much more qualitative than quantitative. Meaning, instant ROI is not the goal of social media and influencer campaigns – they need time to grow and get buzz before showing measurable results.

What were your favorite moments, quotes, and tips from the conference? Share in the comments!