Top 10 UK Sports Blogs to Watch in 2016

If you’re attending SMMEX International you will surely be on the lookout for the latest and greatest marketing methods in sports merchandise.

One successful strategy we want to share with you is blogger review campaigns. Many brands have benefitted from sports blogger outreach in the past, including such big names as Adidas, Arsenal, and PUMA, to name just a few.

Reaching out to bloggers has many benefits, including spreading word of mouth, discovering a new audience, improving your SEO, and gaining credibility. Research what kind of blogs your audience is likely to visit and start making connections! To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 10 best and diverse sports blogs in the UK:

1.Anfield HQ
Winner of Best New Blog at the 2014 Football Blog Awards (Fans’ Choice), Anfield HQ offers anything a football fan may desire, including previews, fan articles, and podcasts.

2.Perfect Tennis
Whether you’re gearing up for Wimbledon and the US Open, or simply want to check in on the latest Federer news, Perfect Tennis has something for everyone. This blog boasts substantive coverage of tennis tournaments around the world and fun extra features like Fan Stories and a live chat for visitors.

3.Caught Offside
A veteran professional blog, Caught Offside offers daily updates, replays, and more.

4.Cricket with Balls
What’s a list of best UK blogs without a few cricket sites? Ranked among the UK’s most popular sports, it’s not surprising cricket has its own niche on the blogosphere. Visit Cricket with Balls for an especially great resource for irreverent, witty commentary on the game.

5.LOVE Tennis Blog
Steady updates of tennis news and results are mixed with tips for mastering your own technique, making this tennis blog stand out from the crowd.

6.Blood and Mud
This aptly named rugby blog offers an often humorous look at the world of rugby, with news, features, videos, and even a fun and games section, including such amusing tidbits as the Rugby Lexicon.

7.Inside Snooker
Boasting snooker news 24/7, this blog has a pleasant, crisp layout that works well with its straightforward coverage on the news and developments of the snooker world.

8.The Liver Bird
Another entry from the Best Football Blog Awards, The Liver Bird is a veteran blog for Liverpool fans, offering in-depth looks at the games with regular updates.

9.King Cricket
Another popular cricket blog, King Cricket is a reviews and discussion hub. The links to cricket ticket pages are a cool bonus for fans.

10.London Cyclist
The one stop blog for all your burning cycling questions. A more traditional blog for enthusiasts, London Cyclist offers plenty of tips and tricks for cycling in London, rather than following the professional cycling world.

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This post was originally published at SMMEX.