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Influencer Marketing Gets Results In New Case Study

What can marketers take away from the new White Wave Food campaign? In a nutshell: content marketing works and content marketing with influencers works even better. Let’s delve deeper.

The goal for WhiteWave Foods was to market the Silk brand milk alternatives (such as Silk Almond Milk and Silk Cashew Milk) with a tie-in to their Meatless Monday Nights campaign. Over 250 food and fitness influencers were recruited in collaboration with TapInfluence to create and share content with their reviews of the beverages.

The result?

Over one million page views, a 10% incremental sales lift,  $285 Incremental sales per 1,000 views, and 198% ROAS.

These numbers were not coincidences either, as the consumers who were exposed to the campaign bought Silk beverages 9% more frequently than those who weren’t.

The best part?

These aren’t even the final results. Views are still accumulating every day, providing White Wave with continuous consumer exposure through quality content.

We can drink a glass of almond milk to that.  

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