What Influencers Value in Brand Partnerships

Crowdtap recently released a study that delves into ‘The State of Influencer Marketing’, by interviewing content creators. Some of the most interesting findings include statistics on what is most important to influencers when it comes to working with brands.

The most important factors turned to be editorial freedom (76% of respondents valued this more than any other factor) and competitive compensation (67%), closely followed by being respected as publishers (54%), being approached by brands with relevant opportunities (49%), and being approached by brands whose values they share (47%). The most problematic aspects of working with brands that were highlighted included editorial guidelines that were too strict and disrespect to the content creators (for example by shifting deadlines and so on).  

Luckily, all of these concerns are fairly easy for brands to meet if they want to be seen as influencer-friendly. All it takes is a change of perspective. At the end of the day, bloggers cannot simply be viewed as a mouthpiece for your brand. You are not buying advertising space. The goal of influencer marketing is to encourage the bloggers and their audience to engage with your brand in a natural and honest way. The influencer is influential because they have their own voice and opinions – this is why brands choose to work with him or her in the first place. Limiting their creative freedom and not showing them respect as professionals runs counter to the entire idea of reaching out to them in the first place.

Ultimately, influencer marketing is meant to be a win-win situation, as most influencers enter this relationship with the goal of increasing their own reach. To cultivate and benefit from these partnerships, brands must approach them with professionalism and specific goals in mind (check out our step-by-step guide to working with bloggers for more details).