Bloggers: The Next Big Thing in Apps Marketing

Mobile marketers will be familiar with the ever-present question, ‘How do I market an app?’ and likely have tried many different strategies to create successful campaigns. But while working with new ideas, platforms, and technologies, marketers tend to overlook one very rich resource: bloggers.

Probably one of the oldest PR strategies known to man is simple word of mouth marketing (WOMM). An example: There is a flyer on the notice board in your community center for a new karate class, promising you’ll become a master in the craft within several months.

Let’s be honest, you aren’t likely to sign up.

But if your friend walks by and says, ‘This was amazing, I became a black belt in two weeks!’, suddenly the chances of you checking out the advertised product increase exponentially. With the advent of the Internet, flyers are now ads and posts, community notice boards are huge social networks, and your friends are likely bloggers and online influencers.

With thousands of new apps available on the market, it is even more important to make yours stand out. Incorporating bloggers into your marketing strategy is a great way to accomplish several goals at once:

Inform new audiences: Depending on the blogger and field of interest, an influencer may have from 100 to 100,000 followers that might not be aware of your product until they see it advertised on their favorite blog.
Reviews of your product: Consumers are much more likely to trust the recommendation from a blogger they like than an impersonal advert. Reaching out to bloggers and asking them for a review is particularly helpful for app developers since the benefits include both publicity and feedback from your target market.
Build a network of brand advocates: Competition in the world of apps is fierce, so it’s important to invest in building lasting relationships with your consumers, particularly if they have sway over the rest of your audience.

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Written by Rotem dahan, Community Director at BlogsRelease.