How To Measure Influencer Marketing ROI

No matter how much of a staunch believer you are in influencer marketing, your manager/investors/CEO will be dubious about your campaign unless you can provide hard numbers to show that the fruits of your labor have paid off.

Below are five concrete ways to measure the performance metrics in such a campaign:

  1. Impressions

Simply put, how many times has the influencer’s post been viewed?  

  1. Engagements:

How many likes, comments, and shares did the post get on the blog and on different social media networks? Did it meet your expectations?

  1. Conversions:

Trackable links, promo codes, and correlation can help you figure out exactly how many direct sales the influencer inspired.

  1. Brand Mentions:

Use relevant software to measure the reach of your brand name during the campaign. This is a simple way to show that word of mouth and buzz was achieved.

  1. Content Quality:

Other than promotion you benefit from the influencer’s skills, and can adapt their post on several platforms, newsletters, and so on. Can you transform the campaign into posts that can bring in more traffic?

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