Marketing Relationships 101

Marketing Relationships 101

Maintaining Effective Marketing Relationships…That Last

Maintaining an effective relationship can be quite a challenge in all domains. For example, a young couple in love will send numerous messages throughout the day to each other in the first few months. Inevitably this fizzles out and becomes a more regular, less intensive communication between the partners. The same goes for brand marketing in social media. A media campaign may last a few months but then slowly goes off radar and fails to engage with its target audience as much as it did. This type of marketing could be considered as a relationship that is not going to last.

“Maintaining relationships” is a phrase that is circulating in the marketing arena and urges marketers/ PR agencies to connect with their audience on a long term basis. Remember, as in personal relationships, maintaining does not necessarily mean long conversations over candlelight dinner with a gift every day.

The question is how to do this?

It is important to consider the power and influence of word of mouth in the development of relationships between brands and their customers. In the blogging world, word of mouth is powerful; bloggers have communities of other bloggers that follow and share their content within their own blogs. Need more convincing?

Here are 3 main reasons to target bloggers, according to Technoratis Digital Report (2013):

1.   Blogs are the third most influential digital resource for retail purchases.

2.  Consumers are often more trusting of smaller sources of information that come from blogging communities.

3.    The effect of influencers can be far more valuable in the long term than just branding.

Just as a relationship needs some tools to maintain its longevity, there is a tool to help marketers make this job easier; an exciting new platform for brands to directly access targeted audiences is now available online. The BlogsRelease platform enables brands to reach thousands of online bloggers in their niche. The ‘online bulletin board’, is a dashboard for both brands and bloggers to connect and maintain long term relationships via category interest. The homepage allows brands to be highlighted to thousands of active bloggers via the industry news section. In addition, brands can see the trends in what bloggers are talking about and therefore can tailor their marketing and advertising campaigns to suit the blogging community.

Marketers can rest assured they are reaching bloggers with interests in their brands, and bloggers will access only categories that they want to write about. This evolutionary step in content distribution is unique in its ability to unite both sides of the marketing coin, and more importantly, benefit both with a long lasting and successful relationship.

Shirley Pattison
Community Director