Stuck in a Marketing Rut? 3 Ways To Engage With Bloggers

Marketers are always on the lookout for new tools and strategies to improve their campaigns, especially when it comes to the ever changeable world of social media.

However, if your boss comes up to you right now and says, “77% of internet users read blogs! What are we doing with bloggers?” and you find yourself at a loss, don’t worry. We listed here three great ways to engage with bloggers in order to promote your product and make your marketing campaign a success.

Product Reviews

Many people visit blogs to find reviews for products they’re interested in. In the US alone, 61% of people made purchases based on blog posts. A recommendation from a blogger can reach thousands of unique views and an audience that otherwise wouldn’t hear about your brand. Bloggers are just as interested in such arrangements because it is an opportunity to promote their blog.

Event Invites

If you’re promoting an event, providing passes to a few influential bloggers in exchange for a write up on the event is always a good idea. You will have the opportunity for more publicity before and after-the-fact on social media as well as the chance to build a lasting connection with influencers. Bloggers will also be very interested in events for a chance to speak one-on-one with people in the industry.

News Updates

Consider your audience when you’re developing your campaign. Which blogs are most likely to be interested? Let them know about your news. Hosting a summit about mobile apps? Look at tech and all the relevant sub-categories – you will find that niche bloggers may offer you more coverage. Doing promo for a new cat food company? Sadly, cats haven’t yet evolved to be able to blog themselves but their owners sure might be interested!

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This post was originally published on Social Media Today