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What’s The Future of Internet Marketing and Advertising?

If you’re planning on attending ad:tech Australia (15-16 March, Sydney), you have likely spent time thinking about the future of internet marketing and advertising – an area that is of interest to all industries.

The age-old question for new-media marketers is undoubtedly how to accurately measure internet users’ consumption and how to adequately tailor advertising to reflect it. According to the PwC Outlook, over the years emphasis has shifted from how many ads there are present in total, to how many clicks are recorded, to how much time consumers spend watching the ad. In the over-saturated media world of the internet, catching and keeping the attention of the audience is key.


Advertising on blogs has also become more popular, whether via banners or paid/sponsored posts. However, that may comes with its own problems if done incorrectly, having a negative effect on the blogger’s trustworthiness. In the end, adding ads to blogs page may do more harm than good for the blogger and not result in any significant gain for the brand.

Quality now reigns over quantity, as brands want to assure users engage with their advertising long enough to retain interest and information. The main buzzword that surrounds this goal is content. This is why brands are leaving the banners and are using interactive advertising, creative social media campaigns, and influencers to spread their message through storytelling.

Interactive Advertising

Interactive ads invite the viewer to participate, rather than act as a passive audience member. A simple and elegant example of a successful campaign of this sort is Adludio’s PlayCaptcha YouTube ad for the film The Imitation Game, which invited the participants to help solve the code in the ad (a tribute to the protagonist of the film, famed code-breaker Alan Turing). After solving the simple code, a trailer for the film would appear. 86% of viewers played the game and went on to watch the trailer. In comparison, only 6% on average don’t skip YouTube ads. These types of results only point to the fact that advertising needs to start evolving with media. When we had only television and newspapers there was no way to get personally engaged. This changed with the internet. Consumers can take to social media and speak to brands directly, and have come to expect this direct interaction elsewhere.

Source: Adludio

Social Media Campaigns

Social media can be a tricky area, especially if you don’t know how to approach it. As with most things, research and observation is required. Think carefully about your target audience – who they are, what they are interested in, and what platforms they favor. Then design a social media campaign that will appeal to your demographic. Automotive giant Ford had some great successes in this area, particularly with the Fiesta Movement, a campaign in which 100 influencers were selected to test-drive the new Ford Fiesta for 6 months while documenting their journey on YouTube. According to Ford, this campaign resulted in 50, 000 interested potential customers. The buzz practically created itself.

Engaging with Influencers

Speaking of influencers, they too are becoming a major voice in the marketing world. Brands are frequently approaching bloggers to cover events and review their products. In return, they get extra promotion, credibility, and the potential exposure to new audiences and markets. L’Oreal recently reached out to bloggers via the BlogsRelease platform in hopes of procuring reviews of a new mascara. Within 48 hours, almost 80 bloggers applied to be part of the campaign. Nearly 50 blog posts later, the product climbed up to the top ten results in Google – a great boost to L’Oreal’s SEO.

All of these methods speak to a new world of marketing/advertising, one that is more personal and interactive. In the future, it will be all about creating a story, with both brand and consumer doing the telling.

In your opinion, what type of internet advertising works best? Should broadband marketers focus more on certain methods? Let us know in the comments!

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This post was originally published on ad:tech Australia