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When Ford Met Bloggers: A Love Story

It hasn’t been an easy decade for the automotive industry, and many brands are continuing to struggle. However, this has forced some out of their comfort zones and in the case of Ford, the risk paid off massively. In recent years Ford have made a name for themselves with their fun and creative blogger campaigns. The Ford social media department, headed by Scotty Monty, figured out how to get customers and influencers directly involved in a variety of ways, thus making a new way to build up their brand.

  1. Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

From breaking into unexpected niche markets, as in the case of the Ford Mummy Bloggers competitions, or parting with tradition and unveiling a new car on Facebook, Ford is doing things no other car brand has before.

  1. Events

Recently Ford picked nearly 150 bloggers (local and international) to attend the Detroit Auto Show. A few years prior, the suggestion of inviting just 10 bloggers to a Ford Auto Show was made. The numbers have been growing steadily since. The more bloggers attended, the more buzz was generated. Today bloggers and digital influencers are a mainstay at Ford events.

  1. #FiestaMovement

The biggest Ford/blogger partnership to date is definitely the Fiesta Movement, which worked so well Ford did it twice! The first Fiesta social media initiative was launched by selecting 100 ‘agents’ and giving them keys to their very own Fiesta for 6 months to drive, travel, complete missions, and talk about their experience on social media. According to Ford, this campaign ‘generated more than 6.2 million YouTube views, more than 750,000 Flickr views, nearly 4 million Twitter impressions’, and ‘50, 000 interested potential customers’. Chapter 2 of the Movement took place with the new Fiesta and was similarly successful.

Do you know of any other great campaigns car companies made with bloggers? Let us know!