Cutting-Edge New Products Integrate Tech in All Areas of Life

2016 moved the tech industry forward like never before, with new products that redefined the way we live, travel, and entertain ourselves in the most unexpected ways. As we start new year, it’s time to review and reflect on the most interesting and unusual inventions tech inspired in 2016.

VR Takes Us There

Love it or hate it, but 2016 was definitely the year Virtual Reality finally went mainstream, as shown by the countless products and projects we’ve seen this year aimed at disrupting public experiences and making them private. Boiler Room and Inception’s immersive concerts and Sliver’s 360 esports product, which allows sports fans to watch games from every angle, brings users’ favorite activities to the comfort of their home. Meanwhile, online shopping is becoming better and better with offerings like GoInStore, eBay’s VR department store, or the Blippar, House of Holland, and Visa shopping experience. And need we say a word more on Pokemon Go?

Eco-Conscious Tech Takes Over

Social consciousness is at an all time high and consumers are taking notice of how their products are made (and how they are thrown away). In the kitchen, the Eugene trash bin simplifies recycling, while FridgeCam helps cut food spending and waste by keeping an eye on your fridge. Plastic is no one’s friend these days, as plastic-free containers like in Bhagavat Life Wellness Meals become more popular and Kami no Tsubo vases give new life to old plastic bottles by turning them into art pieces. If energy is your big concern, it might be time to invest in a home energy monitor like Sense or even a smartwatch powered by body heat.

Fashion and Health Meet in Wearables

Products being wearable and being healthy were rarely two concepts that intersected. However, for the health-conscious today’s wearables bring the two together with elegant solutions such as smart bras that track your heart rate, easy to use hydration monitors, belts that remind you to exercise, and even shoes that improve your golf game and keep an eye on your posture.

Redefining Travel

Nothing has defined and redefined travel in the 21st century as much as tech – and in quite unexpected ways. From entertainment aboard your flight (Emirates’ AR interactive amenity kit bags), to robots that check in your luggage, and AI assistants in your car, every step of your journey is supported by technology. And it doesn’t step when you’ve reached your destination. Products like Pilot – a smart earpiece that translates between users speaking different languages in real time – will change the very way we communicate.

The New Everyday Objects

Small things that most of us never thought of are going digital – the world’s first dimensioning instrument makes measuring tapes obsolete, while the Scrip digital wallet completely erases the need for physical wallets. Other inventions, like self-rocking and sleep-monitoring cribs do some of our most common daily tasks for us.

2016 brought with it some truly incredible tech designs, changing the way we experience life inside and outside the home. Here’s to what’s ahead in 2017!