How to Design an Eye-Catching Email Marketing Template

Email marketing still happens to be prevalent in the world of marketing, and there are many reasons that this is so. For one, people are still likely to check their emails even if it is every couple of days, so this gives businesses the opportunity to ensure a way of consistently communicating with their audience. Seeing as your average person is likely to receive a ton of emails on a daily basis, creating emails that stand out is necessary. Aside from the content that’s inside being relevant and informative, it’s also important that the email is visually attractive. For this reason, this email will outline three ways to make your email marketing template one worth stopping to look at.

Choose the right Layout

A layout is a very important aspect of an email marketing template design. It can determine the flow of your content and the order that your readers consume the information you’re putting across. By making the design creative you have more of a chance of moving the reader’s eye where you want it to go. Your best bet is, therefore, to organize your information in a few horizontal layers so that you have enough room to use for experimentation. If, for instance,  if you happen to be using MailChimp WordPress to send out personalized birthday emails, you could arrange engaging graphics that are both vibrant and colorful and place them inside of a layout that enables you to put something eye-catching above the fold.

Select the Right Color

The colors that you choose to use in an email marketing template are very relevant. Aside from choosing colors that may align with your brand or logo color, you should choose ones that set the tone for your email. As well as helping set the tone, colors also have the ability to evoke a strong emotional response and create a sense of familiarity in the reader of the email. It is, therefore, important that you choose colors that will encourage the response you’re hoping for. Another email design tip is to use the right images as they can also encourage positive feelings and familiarity. Try using ones that are supported by visual elements and not too big so that you can still utilize your space efficiently.

Ensure the Right Use of Space

If you want to create successful newsletters, having enough white space to ensure that your email doesn’t look cluttered is a way to do so. Negative space has the ability to help give your design contrast, striking silhouettes, allow your content to breathe and help keep the reader’s eye focused. A bonus tip is to ensure the font is legible, so try and choose one that isn’t too small or too big and that’s also easy for just about anyone to read.

Design can make a world of a difference in anything that is going to be seen visually including an email. There are so many creative ways that a template can be designed and used to attract different audiences. Beyond the mentioned tips in this article, there are other aspects of design to consider such as typography and animation. All of these elements and more are what work together to create a design that should make every email you send one that’s memorable.

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