Case Study: Florette Belgium

Case Study: Florette Belgium



The problem: Florette Belgium wanted to engage with bloggers to promote the new Florette Kale product line.


The solution: This is where BlogsRelease comes in. Florette recruited relevant bloggers through the BlogsRelease platform in just a few days.


How it worked: Florette posted their campaign brief on the BlogsRelease site, offering 9 bloggers the opportunity to go to a VIP cooking workshop exchange for an honest review. 9 bloggers were selected to take part in the campaign based on BlogsRelease’s unique algorithm, which chooses only the most relevant bloggers for the content in question. Other relevant information, like monthly views, is taken into account.

The blog posts: 9 blog posts were published in the weeks following the launch of the campaign. They were in English, French and Dutch.


The response: The bloggers were very happy with the workshop.

The results: 6/10 of the first results on Google for ‘Florette Belgium Kale’ were from our bloggers. The campaign garnered 180K unique views.


The takeaway:

Just one click with the BlogsRelease platform led to hundreds of thousands of impressions for Florette.


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