Insights from Content Marketing World Sydney, April 2014

Last week, the Content Marketing World Conference held in Sydney, Australia. This is the largest conference in the world of marketing and content now in his second year in Sydney.

marketing and content professionals from 13 different countries attended to the event, in order to learn a variety of advanced marketing strategies, from experts in the content marketing industry such as Joe Pulizzi, Mark Schaefer , Robert Rose , Colleen Jones and Todd Wheatland.

Joe Pulizzi , founder of the Content Marketing Institute ( the world’s leading organization for guidance and training to content marketing), summed up the event in three insights:

1. The investment in advertising is moving from traditional advertising to content marketing. While this is just a small dot in the whole marketing world, but this change starts to happen almost in every organization. You can see that brands are starting to make a structural change in “the house” by hiring journalists / editors and / or employing content marketing agencies to get rich program content for the brand.

2. Almost all SEO agencies are rebranding themselves as content marketers. It also indicated that most advertising agencies and traditional public relations are called to deal with the challenge of content marketing. However, they are wrong when they try to adapt the unique work processes of content to the work processes of traditional advertising.
Julie Hamilton, content director for BT, went even further and said that brands need to move away from traditional marketing agencies when they dealing with content marketing.

3. Content marketing is important for all business divisions: public relations, corporate communications, social media and more. Each organization should define who is leading the content strategy in order to achieve results. Todd Wheatland from King Content added that more and more marketers consider content marketing as a social business ; It’s not a division in the organization , but something that is part of the whole organization.

Bernadette Jiwa,  a branding expert,  stressed the importance of emotion in Brand’s engagement with the customers, noting that consumers make decisions based on emotion.

The marketing expert Mark Schaefer argued that the content is not enough; It should be distributed through networks and social media tools to share it. This way your content will make an impact and brings to results.

Many participants who attended the event shared on Twitter thousands Tweets from the sessions:


In conclusion, we can see that the content marketing world is developing more and more, so companies and marketers who have not yet entered this world should start to get inside. Econsultancy‘s research on digital trends shows that content marketing is in the top priority of 36% of the marketers in 2014. However, because the web is over full with content, we should focus on creating more exciting, original, creative, meaningful and relevant content to our target audience.