How Social Media Is Affecting The World Of Sport?

Social media has developed into something we could have never imagined. Since the first social media platforms were created, this type of online forum has exploded and now features prominently in most people’s daily lives. We have a myriad of different social media platforms at our disposal – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, to name a few.
As social media has increased in popularity, so has their use in the sporting world. Today, sporting events and social media work in tandem – fans, players, managers take to Twitter and Facebook to voice opinions, vent frustration, and even start arguments with rivals! Nowadays it’s common to even stream sports games on social media, as reports that Twitter paid as much as $10 million just to stream 10 games from the NFL.
Furthermore, social media is being used by sports personalities and athletes to promote themselves, get their name into the public eye, and attract big deals and sponsorships.
Never has a form of public media played such an important role in the world of sport, and this trend is only set to increase as the popularity of social media soars to new heights. Social media is also having an effect on how sports-related businesses operate.
Many of the large broadcasting companies have to rethink strategies and incorporate social media into a program in order to recapture the attention of sports fans who spend time tweeting instead of watching a game!
To provide some statistical grounding to these statements we can see that an estimated 61% of sports viewers follow sports online via social media or streaming. Furthermore, between 2013-2016, watching sports on smartphones increased from 21% to 39% – almost a 20% increase!
These are just two small figures and there are many more listed in the infographic below. To understand just how important social media has become in the world of sport, continue reading to find out!
impact of social media on sports