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5 SEO practices every marketer needs to know in 2015

Jan 8, 2015

SEO is all about change, 2014 showed the emergence of content strategy and its emphasis on publishing high quality content. Every marketer must understand the basic element of good SEO: Creating a message. It works also the other way around; SEO expert must know the basics of marketing in order to stay on top. In order to be ranked higher, marketers must know how to create a good message.  With 2015 just around the corner it’s time for marketers to think about what’s to come next for SEO.


What 5 things should you do to improve your SEO in 2015?

Answer questions
When you search something on Google, Google is trying to give you a straight answer to what you are looking for. When I search for “search engine optimization”, the first results are those who answer the question what is SEO.  Understand what questions are currently being asked and plan how to capture new audience channels.
Key takeaway: Answer questions in order to rank higher.
Update frequently
Content that is not up to date is not relevant. Therefore, posts that you wrote in the past that don’t answer current questions will slowly disappear from search.  Look for messages that need  an upgraded copy, fresh images or updated design.

Key takeaway: Create new content frequently and update your old posts in order so that they won’t dissapear.

In 2014 marketers started to understand that they need to fix their website to be mobile friendly. Almost everyone is now checking emails on their mobile phone.

In 2015 it will be more important that your website will be responsive and mobile friendly. You. Check how your website is running on PageSpeed Insights and see what you need to fix.


Key takeaway: Mobile rules. Take this seriously and fix your site accordingly.

Social media sharing
Here’s a lesser known tip, Google + can help your SEO. By using Google + and getting shares from your followers, your content is boosted by Google in their search. Obviously this is a method of getting people to use Google +, and why not? It’s a new place to be seen.

Key takeaway: Develop your Google + profile and learn more about how it helps your SEO


The power of bloggers

In 2015 links won’t be the only thing that matters. You need people writing about you as much as they are linking back to you.

Bloggers are the ones that can also write about you and link back to your website. When bloggers write about your company and review your product it improves you SEO. By providing high quality content, on sites and blogs that appeal to your potential clients, you are not just winning new costumers and readers, you’re improving your SEO as well.

Key takeaway: Produce high quality content to inspire bloggers to write about you.

So just to wrap up the preparations for SEO strategy in 2015: the best way to keep ahead is to create high quality content regularly and engage with blogger influencers who can highly increase your brands credibility, visibility and longevity. SEO is not a strategy that should be use in isolation, marketers should rather think about it as part of the bigger marketing eco system which includes, digital marketing, brand storytelling, and much more. If you give attention to all parts of your ecosystem your impact in the online world and in consumer decisions will be greatly enhanced.

This article was first published on digimarcon

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Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2014

Resolution Time!

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2015? Increase your blog exposure? Drive up your SEO? Why not start now?

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Raising a toast!

For the great year we had and for the fantastic year ahead,
Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with blogging success!

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The 5 Gifts of Blogging

Dec 29, 2014


Dont forget...

Dec 24, 2014


Before you leave for your Christmas holidays,
don't forget... to have a great time

Wishing you a happy holiday with lots of treatsrest and relaxation

All of the team


Most Valuable Bloggers in December

Dec 15, 2014

MVB Winners

Valerie's Profile
Jay's Profile
Jamela's Profile
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It's not too late!

Dec 11, 2014


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The Best Of Christmas News

Dec 10, 2014

Here are some great items for you to catch up on before Christmas comes in! 

Discover Our World of Festive Delights

This holiday season, Chopard helps make all your most precious dreams come true




A Christmas jumper for a cow

Blogger review opportunity!
Wacky Christmas Jumper


Perfect Christmas Gifts

Get Inspired by the
Industry News Board


Macy’s Believe Campaign

For every e-letter they receive, Macy's will donate $1 to Make A Wish


Happy Christmas everyone!


How to Write a Great Press Release

Dec 9, 2014

If you are in the business of PR you have to know what a good press 
release looks like and how to write one. This new infographic puts it all in perspective - take everything or nothing, this is a great cover of all the bases you need to know.

(Click here for a larger image)


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Dec 4, 2014

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Most Valuable Bloggers in November

Nov 25, 2014



Blogger Influencers!


Stacy recently wrote about entertainment news and great fashion tech innovation

Find out more about Stacy...


Bottega Veneta was recently featured on a Lovely Style blog, and got great reviews from her followers. 

Find out more about Raquel...

Lorri shared one of our favorite cheesecake recipes and got great results.

Find out more about Lorri..

We are really proud of our blogger influencers and look forward to reading more of their blog post.
These bloggers have increased their exposure to thousands of brands and bloggers.

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12 Tools to Help You Avoid PR and Marketing Stressors

Nov 23, 2014

Public relations and marketing professionals always have yet one more job to tick off their lists. We know how hard it is to keep on top of a never-ending workload. And that's how it is as soon as you walk through the door on a Monday morning and throughout the rest of the week.

But there are ways of dealing with workload problems we all face in this industry.

We are living in the Digital Age, when thousands of tools are potentially at our fingertips. But those tools can either drown you or save you.

As a community director at BlogsRelease, I use the following tools to help me keep up with our fast-paced marketing and PR world. They can help you do the same.
  • Asana. A great tool for managing your daily tasks as a team. Collaborate with colleagues and keep all of your communications in one accessible place. Asana is available as an excellent phone app so that you can keep up while you're on the go.
  • Rapportive. Do you have endless email lists of clients and can't put a name to face? Rapportive helps you see all of your clients details directly in your Gmail. By knowing who your clients are, you are more likely to have better communication with them.
  • Hootsuite. No one working with social media can be without Hootsuite. By allowing you to schedule your tweets, Facebook posts, and ad campaigns in advance, it helps you maximize your exposure at different times of the day.

  • HARO. Help a Reporter Out connects media and experts/sources with each other; it's a free resource that serves as a social networking tool for sources and reporters alike.
  • BlogsRelease. Sent a press release? Why not send a BlogsRelease to thousands of bloggers! Targeting bloggers all over the world will enable you spread your content through other people's blogs. 
  • Similar to Pinterest, lets you create information boards that you can share; get inspired and re-create interesting content to publish online


  • Mention. Never miss a thing online about your audience. Mention enables you to view the source of any name across the Web and social media. This is a great tool to learn what people are talking about and to reply immediately to maintain engagement.
  • PicMonkey. We all know visual media is huge for engaging with your audience. Picmonkey makes turning normal photos to exciting and, more important, shareable images and infographics. A must-have tool for anyone in marketing.
  • Powtoon. An excellent platform for creating dynamic and impressive presentations, Powtoon helps you find different ways to grab attention through visual, audio, and graphical options.

That Little Bit Extra

  • Mindmeister. A great place to brainstorm your ideas for upcoming press releases and get advice from your colleagues, Mindmeister is creative and flexible. This is the place to be to share your ideas and create new ones.
  • Phonto. This is a genius phone app that allows you to put text on photos easily. When you're out and about, you can discover new ways of using visual media to inspire your upcoming campaigns.
  • Free Digital Photos. If you need professional business photos for free, this is the place to go.
It would be great to hear how these tools help you and whether there is an "ideal" tool you need that is not available yet on the market.

This article was first published on MarketingProfs

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 19, 2014


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Hundreds of Reasons to be Inspired

Nov 10, 2014

Hundred’s of start ups share their press release on the Industry News Board  


Events To Get Involved With

Oct 29, 2014

This November

Brands & Bloggers you can make great connections by networking events.
You can even get or give freebies to review! 
Find out whats happening next month with our media partnership events
and get in touch for your free tickets or great deals just for you!

Hurry! Its first come first served basis only! 

November 5th-6th, Cape Town, South Africa

The world's most innovative market research conference


November 7th, Santiago, Chile

November 14th, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seedstars World is a startup competition that takes place in emerging markets


November 11th - 12th, Bangkok, Thailand

The premier Digital Marketing event is coming to Bangkok




November 12th - 13th, London, UK

Discover the future of multi platform apps



November 18th -20th, San Jose, USA

New tech solving big problems



November 18th - 21st, San Francisco, USA

The Android developer conference 


November 28th, Bratislava, Slovakia

For early-stage technology companies or technology-enabled projects 

Contact us for more information.
Hope to see you there!

Team BlogsRelease


The Dark Social: Are you game?

Oct 2, 2014

If you’re part of the games industry, you know how incredibly competitive and fast the market is. You can work for months up to the buildup of the big release day and still be frustrated with the lack of hype surrounding your product. The shareable content you create, and the analytics to show for it, are MIA, and and that’s when real frustration can kick in, especially considering what it takes to interest potential investors.
A lack of success can sometimes be attributed to ignoring ‘the dark social ’ — the side of social that isn’t as visible or measurable as Twitter retweets or Facebook likes.
You may already have heard of the 90-9-1 rule that postulates that much of your content interaction is carried out by people outside of your analytical reach. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s quite simple:
  • 1: this is you, the product manager and the initial action you take with a piece of content.
  • 9: this is the number of people who will engage with your content, by commenting, liking or sharing.
  • 90: this is the number of people who won’t comment or share in visible channels, but share your message in other forms.
For example, personal emails between colleagues or friends fly under the statistical radar, as do instant messaging tools. Yet this is where a lot of activity takes place, and at the same time, these forms of valuable interactions make it harder to know where your content is being shared.  

Here are the 4 questions to help in navigating the world of the dark social.

  1. Why?
The key to improving your marketing success is to understand the power of the dark social and reach them in other ways. Treat this large percentage of your interested gamer consumers with as much thought and attention as those who regularly engage with your content. Don’t underestimate the influence of word of mouth either; whether over coffee or afternoon drinks with the tech society, your message can reach thousands of people and you won’t even know it.
  1. Where?

Of course, gamers spend a lot of their time online. So it’s vital to leverage bloggers, whose livings are made online, and are excellent at rewriting brand content in their own words and influencing consumer choice. Keep in mind the dark social side of blogging: Many bloggers have thousands of followers who don’t actively engaging with their posts, but make up a large percentage of those sharing in the dark social.

  1. How?
As a person living and breathing the gaming industry, you have to find ways to reach out to these bloggers and get them to write about you. As much as bloggers need fresh content to fill their space, it’s not going to happen by simply waiting and hoping for a blogger to write about a favorite game or consol. It’s going to take deliberate measures from careful and individual connections to wider content distribution provisions that can be used in combination to achieve greatest reach to your dark social consumers.
  1. When?
The beauty of influencing people in the dark social is that it is a continuous process of content sharing and distribution. It doesn’t need to be just when you have big announcements. Even before release, your product’s development can generate a vast amount of interesting content that can get more people to engage. Over a period of time, you can create a story of your product and get some real buzz going.
Have views on content distribution in the gaming industry? Leave us your comments on success and in-process experiences.  

This article was first published on VentureBeat

Whether you are brand or blogger, visit our Industry News Board to start increasing exposure in the blogosphere.

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Shirley Pattison 
Community Director                                                         


Health Blogging

Oct 2, 2014


The new generation of health fanatics are here, and they are going digital. More and more people are accessing online resources for their health related questions, queries and worries. Even the less technologically inclined are being drawn to the online world to find out more about their health. However, this luxury that we have in searching for all kinds of information on the internet comes at a cost. Not to us, but to health companies using adwords to get more exposure. If you have a website and want it to appear at the top of the Google search, you can get there by paying for adwords. This often costs per click and is at a great expense for smaller health websites.
There can be a solution, and the new hype is health blogging. There are hundreds of bloggers that are fascinated by all things health, and dedicate their blogs to such topics. Here are a few examples that portray the variety of subjects covered by bloggers:
1. FoodPolitics a visual and content rich blog that covers all health subjects, including mind health, exercise and green living. The topics are covered by leading professional experts in their field.
2. MindBodyGreen - a visual and content rich blog that covers all health subjects, including mind health, exercise and green living. The topics are covered by leading professional experts in their field.
3. Run to the Freshan inspiring one woman story, Amanda Brooks blogs about personal training, fitness and importantly she shows us she is human by adding her personality to all of her posts.
These are just a few of the many health blogs, and many people are being drawn to them because they provide a more personal and accessible channel for gathering health information. Gone are the days where people just want an answer to their symptoms; now people are clued in, interested in their health and want to hear about it from people they can relate to.
As a company you can reach out to bloggers and inspire them to write about your content. This is a great way to spread your message, as it is translated into the bloggers own words which appeals to their followers. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost the company for advertising on Google, and once a blogger writes a post it remains on the web forever.  However, connecting with bloggers on an individual basis can be time consuming and challenging work for a resource strapped company.
This is where BlogsRelease- the #1 online industry news board for bloggers, can help. This new tool enables brands to engage with bloggers via distribution of content rich press releases to thousands of blogger partners worldwide. The process of reaching health bloggers is made much easier by the unique targeting features that BlogsRelease provides; the choice in category and demographic really enables the brand to target their specific audience.
The most important thing to remember when approaching bloggers is to provide them with meaningful and interesting content that will inspire and move them to write about the company. Building marketing relationships with bloggers is a slow but rewarding process and is reinforced by constant flow of relevant information.
We would love to hear what strategies you have for engaging with bloggers. What has worked best?    

This article was first published on Health 2.0
Whether you are brand or blogger, visit our Industry News Board to start increasing exposure in the blogosphere.

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Shirley Pattison 
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The Silent Revolution of Content Distribution

Oct 2, 2014


Founder of Intuit, Scott Cook, once said “we’re still in the first minutes of the Internet revolution”. We are now in the 2-minute zone, which means that there is still a lot to come.
We’ve seen the development of old school newspapers to online archives; from words having the power to the power of photographs; and from discussion forums to influencer dialogue. Now content distribution is on the way to transformation. But not in the way you may think.
Previously, marketers have lived in the golden age of social media. Social media has been used and abused by marketing to the point where they had to say, sorry, that’s enough – you can’t be a free loader forever. However, as marketers, we all know that challenges can be turned into opportunities. Now this is when the revolution begins.
Firstly it’s important to realize what social media channels can’t do for distribution:

1.     Content on social media is limited. This limits your visibility on the web, search engine king Google is still number one place for information search.

2.     Your hours (or days) of marketing planning turns into ’5 minutes of fame’. The posts you place on social media disappear and become a thing of the past. Your engagement period is short and if you don’t get it right, your efforts carry minimal results.

3.     Budget is tighter whilst ad prices rise. Social media giants are now clueing in to the loopholes of their servers and are starting to charge for advertising on their sites.

So what does this mean for the revolution?

The revolution starts with a new way of thinking and an approach to content distribution that can maximize your potential reach.  Quick quiz:

When you are faced with a new product to market do you-

A)    Take out your list of previous contacts that may help you spread the word

B)    Use past methods of distribution based on previous results

C)    Embark with a new method that can bring you a wider audience that you haven’t considered

You want to say C, right? You may be surprised, but many people still prefer to stick to their old way of working. But these methods are quickly losing their value in terms of content distribution, and more importantly results. So what about this revolution?
The online world is now flourishing with bloggers, or influencers; there are more than150 million blogs, and this number grows every year. These people are dedicated writers, reporters, sharers, and more crucially they are human with their own perspectives. This means as a marketer when you are able to reach these people, you have unlimited amounts of creativity that can make your content buzz. And you won’t be doing the hard work.
Need more convincing?
Your content lives on: Once a blogger takes your content and writes about it on their blog it lives on the web forever, unlike social media.
Content personalization: The content bloggers write is in their own words. This is incredibly powerful in terms of influencing their followers, of which they can have thousands per blog. We know well thought targeting is crucial for marketing campaigns to succeed; bloggers know and understand their community better than and market research you can do.
The silent audience hears you: remember the 90-9-1 rule? It’s easy to forget that even though readers may not react to the content you send out, they are still influenced, and this influence reaches far wider than any analytic tools you may have.
The revolution wants you!
The revolution wants you to be creative; to think outside of the box; to realize that there is untapped potential that is yet to be discovered. Content distribution through bloggers may sound daunting but it can be made into an easy and consistent approach in your marketing strategy.
Remember, sending content just when you have news is a flash in the pan in the masses of online information. It’s essential that content is constant and appealing to the audience you are trying to reach. Bloggers love to create relationships, and this process takes time, but ultimately incredibly rewarding.
Get Involved
Start by engaging your blogger audience. Using such platforms like BlogsRelease. Here a BlogsRelease can make your distribution work to bloggers much more easy and systematic; with unique audience targeting features and constant appearance on the interactive industry news board. How? As well as sending out a press release, send out a BlogsRelease. Upload rich inspiring content and see how your message spreads in the blogger community.  
Share with us and comment about your experience and thoughts on bloggers; what has worked and what hasn’t? 
This article was first published on Content Marketing World
Whether you are brand or blogger, visit our Industry News Board to start increasing exposure in the blogosphere.

We would love to hear from you,
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  Shirley Pattison 
Community Director                                                                                        


Same Face, New Glasses

Sep 18, 2014

As girls, we know how easy it is to transform our look just by merely putting on a new pair of glasses. Not only do we look more stylish, sophisticated and appealing to the mature man we've been looking for, but we can actually see better (and not fall over on our why-did-I-buy-these 4inch heels).  

This is exactly what BlogsRelease is doing. A female powerhouse team is working hard everyday to ensure that bloggers are able to create content that is inspiring and discussion provoking. This tool is aimed to connect bloggers with brands – an interactive online Industry News Board, designed especially for people who want interesting and up to date information to share with their followers. This platform takes the experience of blogging and information finding to a whole new level; created by the suggestion of bloggers, for bloggers.

Are you thinking how can we compare an 'Industry News Board' to new glasses? Let us try and explain:

1. It's stylish – Information posted on the online bulletin board is continuously being updated, so the content is always flowing, always inspiring new blogs.


2. It's more sophisticated – not only does the homepage look sleek and attractive (we all know sophisticated is sexy), it functions as a base to access all the information a blogger could want. Organized creativity at the click of a button.

3. It's appealing – as a blogger it is so hard to create and maintain loyal followers to your blog. Now you can find all the content you need to attract people to your blog and create dynamic discussions. By blogging about industry news, you are also exposing yourself to thousands of already registered bloggers and millions of their followers. Appealing right?


4. See better – Yes glasses are stylish, sexy and appealing, but isn’t the whole point to see better? The 'online bulletin board' allows bloggers to see all of the information they are interested in one place. No more blindly looking around in the world wide web of spam. Now you can see.

  We as a female team believe in empowering women in all aspects of life. From confidently wearing glasses to helping you create great content for your blogs. And men, don’t worry, we think you also look really good in glasses.
  Get in touch for more information about BlogsRelease,
Looking forward to hearing from you!
  Shirley Pattison 
Community Director                                                                                        


Your Event and BlogsRelease

Sep 14, 2014

Download the PDF version here: BlogsRelease Event Ebook

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Content Marketing World Highlights

Sep 13, 2014

BlogsRelease shares with you some of the amazing highlights from Content Marketing World!

Use these links to catch up on this years CMWorld Conference! 

Jay Baer 


Michael Brenner
Kevin Spacey Interview

5 Secrets to Inspiration Success

Roger Hurni 



What a fantastic event! So much content not enough time.



GamesBeat 2014

Sep 10, 2014




 Special Offer for Our Partners



GamesBeat 2014 — The sixth annual event on disruption in the video game market is being held on September 15-16 at the Parc 55 Wyndham in San Francisco.

This year’s theme is “Total World Domination.” Gaming is competing on the world stage to become the dominant medium for entertainment. Will it succeed? And will the game business be dominated by blockbusters across all platforms — consoles, PCs, mobile, and online — or will diversity thrive as indies stay strong?

Join 500+  influential  gaming  execs  for  two  days  packed with high-level discussions, actionable  lessons, exclusive  announcements,  the  
Who’s Got  Game”  Innovation ShowdownThe Nest, and  lots  of  networking. 


Use  code  “BlogR”  to  save  20%

Great event, great talks!
See you there,


MVB Award

Sep 2, 2014

And the award goes to.....


You have just become our

Most Valuable Blogger!



Rain has a great blog on all things entertainment; music, fashion, marketing - she's got it covered! Recently she wrote a great article on our industry news.
Nike's new trainers

Thank you Rain for contributing and we hope to see you here again soon! 

Looking forward to reading more inspiring posts!

  Shirley Pattison 
Community Manager                                                                                        
do you want to become an MVB? 
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Top August Items

Sep 1, 2014

Did you miss something last month?
Here are some great items for you to catch up on.

9 Ways to Find the Most Interesting Place to Stay in a City

If you want to be more adventurous for your next vacation consider one of these options.



Just for Jiggles

A vintage recipe of coca-cola and Jell-O
from the 1950’s!


How Technology is Shaping the Next Wave of Journalism


A revolution is happening, do you want to be a part of it?


Apps to Beat Back to School Jitters

Whether it’s staying organized, making the bus, or sounding smart, find out about the latest back to school apps.

Look out next month for more top pics,

The BlogsRelease Team


Content Distribution and the Silent Revolution

Aug 31, 2014

Content Marketing World is being hosted this year in Cleveland. It is the largest event for all professionals looking to increase their knowledge on content marketing, businesnessand development. 

We would love to share with you a great guest post we contributed to this huge event about content distribution and the reasons why this is the new advancement in the future of marketing. Read more


Events driving your development

Aug 28, 2014

Huge events to discover for both Brands & Bloggers
This September

We are proud to support events that can help brands & bloggers
their own strategies and techniques to succeed in
todays market. 

A strong theme covering these events:
Good content is crucial for brand evolution

Content Marketing World

 8- 11th September

Cleveland, USA


Learn and network with the best and brightest in content marketing industry.


Oscar Award winning keynote speaker Kevin Spacey attending many top influencers in the field. 

The Corporate Social Media Summit

15 - 16th September

San Fransisco, USA


Find out from business leaders (IBM, Intel, LinkedIn) how to use social media for business growth, with an emphasis on content creation.


12+ innovative sessions and 25 + industry pioneers will share insight and announce big developments to hit the industry this year.

Health 2.0

21-24th September

Santa Clara, USA


Bringing together health and innovation, this conference presents the best minds & technologies worldwide. 


 Thousands of $ to be won in developer challenges 

Interested in getting involved in these events?
Contact us for more information

Are you attending these events? Let us know, we would love to hear about your experience.  

Find out how BlogsRelease helps spread the word of your event
The BlogsRelease Team




Blogger Tip #15

Aug 28, 2014


Blogger Tip #18

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #17

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #16

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #14

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #13

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #12

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #11

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #10

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #9

Aug 24, 2014


Blogger Tip #8

Aug 24, 2014


MVB Award

Aug 19, 2014

And the award goes to.....


George Fritscher

You have just become our

Most Valuable Blogger!



George blogs regularly about internet security, giving excellent advice on many topics related to safety and the internet; he wrote a great article on our industry news.
Dell Protection

Thank you George for contributing and we hope to see you here again soon! If you are interested in reading more from our MVB, follow this link to their blog:

Looking forward to reading more inspiring posts!

  Shirley Pattison 
Community Manager                                                                                        
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The Big Day is Here

Aug 19, 2014


Summer is the time for proposals, weddings and celebrations! And its here!

Wedding blogs are essentially the must visit sites for all wedding related items. From jewellery to flowers, these blogs really help influence peoples ideas for their weddings. Preparation for the big day takes months of planning, searching and organisation.  This is where bloggers come in as a trusted source of information to the stressed out bride. Why not send your brand’s content directly to our wedding bloggers today and get them to spread your message to all brides-to-be! Great brand ideas can be competitions to win money for your wedding, cars to bring the bride to her groom, and exotic wedding destination ideas.


Shirley Pattison,
Community Director




Blogger Tip #7

Aug 18, 2014


Blogger Tip #6

Aug 18, 2014


Blogger Tip #5

Aug 18, 2014


Blogger Tip #4

Aug 18, 2014


Excellent Bloggers, Excellent Tips

Aug 18, 2014

We searched the web for 18 wise bloggers, and in the next 18 days we will
highlight each one for your to enjoy! Starting tomorrow! 

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Aug 18, 2014


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Aug 18, 2014


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Aug 18, 2014


Fantastic Tastes

Aug 12, 2014

Food For Thought                                           

Don’t let your audience miss a recipe!

Summer is the time of year for fresh food! With beach season on our doorstep, refreshing food brands such as whole foods markets & Kraft make your mouths water from their delicious selection. Here are great recipes for summer cocktails or solutions to food allergies. With over 1,000 active food blogger partners that are hungrily waiting to write about your brand, why not post to them today and see your recipes spread in the blogging community!



Rotem Dahan
Community Director




Inspirations from BlogHer14

Aug 11, 2014

Did you miss BlogHer2014? Read our summary and be in the loop!

This year’s BlogHer14 conference, which took place on July 26th, was a great success. With a panel of renowned speakers touching on all topics having to do with (would you believe it?) female bloggers, the event sparked some serious inspiration.  

Now, you might find yourself wondering: what exactly is it that female bloggers write about? This question is precisely the one addressed at the opening of the conference, in which each of the panel speakers explained just what gets their wheels turning, where they derive their inspiration, and what got them blogging in the first place. Dana wanted to give back to the LGBT community she was involved in. Natasha wanted to write about her experiences as a black family in Chicago. Maya is just out there to tell her stories. Everybody blogs for a different reason, and that’s what makes the blogosphere such an intriguing world to explore; it’s full of endless possibilities.

The BlogHer2014 explored some such possibilities.  

Jory Des Jardins gave a personal anecdote about her frustration as a female political consultant in Washington. BlogsHer, she explained, was a life changing tool. According to Jardins, “BlogHer has never shied away from pushing for the highest quality thinking and writing. We have to not be afraid to mix our motherhood and our activism, and most of all we have to vote.” All of these elements produce rich content… but what’s rich content worth if there’s no one there to read it? WHAT brings readership?

Understanding Reader Behavior

According to Kerry Thompson, UX professional at LuLu and blogger for skin and tonics, “heat maps” are a great way to track reader behavior. These devices actually show what it is that viewers are clicking on.Thompson recommends other forms of analytics as well, such as the built-in wordpress tracking system as well as Google Analytics. As far as actually attracting readers, Thompson offers a few rules of thumb: headlines should have fewer than 140 characters, be between 5 and 10 words, and they should be short and witty.

Follow your Heart

Matters of the heart and business do not typically make for a harmonious combination… the BlogsHer Conference challenged that notion. Blogging is a business. As a blogger, you’ve got a product, and you’ve got clients. But there’s a difference. Rather than selling a brand that you have envisioned, you are, in effect, selling yourself.

To blog is to pour your heart and soul into a project, to blog is to nurture a passion. It is to animate your inspiration.  For this reason, there exists a dichotomy in blogging: first you must pursue your vision. Next, in order to find and maintain a following, you must cater to the desires of your readers. Where’s the balance? And when is it time to make a change?


The right answer to both of these questions can be encapsulated by Ana Flores’s (SpahiglishBaby blog) remark: “at the end of the day it’s about following your passion.” You must have trust that your true readers will never let you down-- as long as you give your blog your all.

Money, money, money

During the afternoon session, the Blogsher conference featured a discussion between Erica Diamond and Jennifer Evers. The topic: cash money, my friends. How do bloggers monetize? There are a few ways. One of them is to form partnerships with brands. As far as viewership, Jennifer suggested 10k views a month as a baseline for partnering with certain brands. An important aspect of blogging brought up in the session with regards to monetization is “knowing your why” as a blogger. When brands see that you have a niche-specific interest, the turn to you with the confidence that you will help them promote their product.


Good Impressions

Working with brands means professionalism. This is a term that Jennifer Evers stressed in the morning session on July 24th. According to her there a few business basics that all bloggers must follow, especially when interacting with brands. The first is to act like a pro: know your rates and never miss a deadline. The second is to by headful of contracts; to read and understand them. Next: know your self-worth in terms of page-views, bounce rate, uniques, etc… Understand what your assets are and how you can be of value to a given brand.

At the end, it will be a mutually beneficial relationship.



Most Valuable Blogger

Aug 9, 2014

                     Celebrating Your Blog                                                                   

We came up with the idea for the MVB - our Most Valuable Blogger. We regularly pick one of our bloggers who has written about some industry news will be celebrated and highlighted on our platform to thousands of other bloggers. We think its so important to appreciate your hard work as bloggers and that you should get a chance in the spotlight!


We are looking forward to reading your blog posts about the current industry news! Keep an eye out for our most recent MVB!


email me!       



Marketing Relationships 101

Aug 7, 2014

Maintaining Effective Marketing Relationships…
That Lasts  

Maintaining an effective relationship can be quite a challenge in all domains. For example, a young couple in love will send numerous messages throughout the day to each other in the first few months. Inevitably this fizzles out and becomes a more regular, less intensive communication between the partners. The same goes for brand marketing in social media. A media campaign may last a few months but then slowly goes off radar and fails to engage with its target audience as much as it did. This type of marketing could be considered as a relationship that is not going to last.

"Maintaining relationships" is a phrase that is circulating in the marketing arena and urges marketers/ PR agencies to connect with their audience on a long term basis. Remember, as in personal relationships, maintaining does not necessarily mean long conversations over candlelight dinner with a gift every day.

The question is how to do this?


It is important to consider the power and influence of word of mouth in the development of relationships between brands and their customers. In the blogging world, word of mouth is powerful; bloggers have communities of other bloggers that follow and share their content within their own blogs. Need more convincing?

Here are 3 main reasons to target bloggers, according to Technoratis Digital Report (2013):


1.   Blogs are the third most influential digital resource for retail purchases.

2.  Consumers are often more trusting of smaller sources of information that come from blogging communities.

3.    The effect of influencers can be far more valuable in the long term than just branding.


Just as a relationship needs some tools to maintain its longevity, there is a tool to help marketers make this job easier; an exciting new platform for brands to directly access targeted audiences is now available online. The BlogsRelease platform enables brands to reach thousands of online bloggers in their niche. The ‘online bulletin board’, is a dashboard for both brands and bloggers to connect and maintain long term relationships via category interest. The homepage allows brands to be highlighted to thousands of active bloggers via the industry news section. In addition, brands can see the trends in what bloggers are talking about and therefore can tailor their marketing and advertising campaigns to suit the blogging community.  

Marketers can rest assured they are reaching bloggers with interests in their brands, and bloggers will access only categories that they want to write about. This evolutionary step in content distribution is unique in its ability to unite both sides of the marketing coin, and more importantly, benefit both with a long lasting and successful relationship.
Shirley Pattison
Community Director


Think Fashion, Think Big

Aug 5, 2014

Fashion Industry News                                                                    

Follow the trends, think out of the box.


Fashion brands have a way of making their products look good, really good. Nike, Converse and Missoni are just a few examples that really nail how to appeal to their audience. Get inspired and post your own content to our fashion bloggers who will share your message with their followers!

We would love to get comments on anything to do with blogging or brands and we will add our favourite comments to our newsletters! Be creative and inspiring, catch our eye and we will publish you!


Shirley Pattison,
Community Director


It’s been a BUSY day here at BlogsRelease!

Jul 14, 2014

You wouldn’t believe it, but today (the first day of the week) is also our FAVORITE day of the week.

No, we’re not crazy. 

We know, while we are passionate about what we do, that waking up early and heading back to work on a Sunday morning after a restful weekend is not usually the most exciting prospect…

But when Rotem, community manager here at BlogsRelease (and the chef of the team), is in charge of lunch, we’re all up and ready-to-go by 8:00 AM!

Here are a few pictures…. but we must put forth a disclaimer: if this makes you hungry (which it will) and ruins your summer-bikini-body diet, you were warned!!!



5 Awesome Sports Blogs that will Really Kick-Off your Brand

Jul 6, 2014


Right now, people all over the globe are focused on one major spectacle: The World Cup. 

Besides being a unifying force, a symbol for international peace, and a vision of athletic prowess,
this year’s games 
are hugely significant for another reason…

The World Cup is a natural funneling system for online traffic – and a marketing Mecca.


Consider these stats:

188.4 million–World Cup international viewership

 90% - modern media engagement today that is screen-based.

 97% - inbound links experienced by companies that blog

 77% - internet users who read blogs


People who watch the World Cup read sports blogs.

Brands who are featured on such blogs are successful.

Our team recommends these 5 super popular sports
blogs for your brand:

: An amazing blog that covers soccer exclusively. Brimming with hourly FIFA updates, as well as in-depth analyses of previous games, Soccer Lens is a FIFA Fan’s paradise. A perfect destination for brands to find voice.

World Soccer Talk: With everything from public forums to podcasts, and even a video section, World Soccer Talk is one of the most diverse World Cup news source on the Web. A great space to share your brand with all sorts of audiences.

101 Great Goals: The go-to spot for real-time action, 101 Great Goals features Live Streaming as WELL as Live Goals! What else can this Blog bring to life? Your brand, maybe?

Off the Post: With a rather exclusive focus on British teams, this blog appeals to a rather particular flock of Fans… Nonetheless, the extensive World Cup section makes Off the Post and attractive site for all viewers! The blog also features a Transfer News and Gossip section that curious fans simply can’t resist.
PLANET FUTBOL: Last but not least, one of the most notorious blogs of them all – we present to you, Sports Illustrated official soccer (or should we say Futbol) Blog. Yielding thousands of frequenters in online traffic, this blog means business. 

We gave you the assist – now you can reach your brand's goals!



Recommended Social Media Bloggers for Social Media Day

Jun 26, 2014

For Social Media Day, here are some recommandations for Social Media Bloggers:

For more Social Media Bloggers Click

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Cannes Lions Festival Recap

Jun 23, 2014


PR agency won the Grand Prix for the first time at Cannes Lions.


The Cannes Lions is the largest International Festival of Creativity gathering of worldwide advertising professionals, designers, digital innovators, and marketers.

This year, more than 12,000 attendees from 94 countries arrived to the festival in Cannes, which spanned from Sunday 14th to Saturday 21st. 


The highlights of the festival were the Cannes Lions Awards in Film, Media, PR, Press, Design, Radio, Mobile, Branded Content & Entertainment and more. 

 It is noteworthy that PR is the fastest growing category at Cannes, as it doubled the number of entries shortlisted, compared to 2013. Moreover, this year is the first time that a PR agency (Edelman) won the most prestigious award - the Grand Prix. 


The Media Person of the Year Award went to Richard Plepler, HBO Chairman & CEO. You can see full list of the winners here.


Edelman at Cannes


There were many famous faces at the festival such as David Benioff, Co-creator Game of Thrones, Lady Gaga, Spike Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jared Leto, Courtney Love, Kanye West and Bono who won the Cannes LionHeart Award for his pioneering work in the fight against AIDS.  


The subjects discussed at the sessions were: Relevance, Building Communities, Content, Creativity, Marketing, Women leaders and off course the WorldCup.
Relevance is the key for brands to understand their costumers' needs. As the actor David Hasselhoff said: "Relevance is anticipating other people's needs".


Building Communities
The most important thing in Social Media is building communities, not talking about our brand, said the actor Patrick Stewart and Joel Lunenfeld, VP, Global Brand Strategy at Twitter.

Kevin Burke, CMO Visa ,  talked about the need to deliver more relevant content; The right content, at the right time, in the right context.
Mark Pritchard, Global Marketing and Brand Building Officer at Procter & Gamble, said that "Constant Change is our new reality," so we can't reach everyone on each platform. What we need to do is create fresh creative content with the right partners in order to reach the right people at the right time on the right platform with the right message.
Marcello Serpa, Chief Creative Officer of the adverting agency ALMAP/BBDO, emphasized the importance of content: "Everyone is talking about big data, but content should be the beginning of big data; so if you have good content, your data will explode."

To PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer of the advertising agency Pereira & O'Dell, in the age of content we need to:
 Think like a marketer
 Behave like an entertainer
 Move like a tech startup

In addition to content, also creativity was a major topic in all the sessions and workshops. Nir Wegrzyn, CEO of BrandOpus , a leading design agency in UK, claimed that "Creativity isn't about coming up with ideas. It's about what you do with them".
David Hasselhoff added on an interview with Cannes Lion TV that Creativity is seeing it, believing in it and creating it", and PJ Pereira claimed on his session that "Diversity is the mother of creativity".
The comedian Conan OBrien claimed that "Good marketing is when people don't just think your message is authentic, they KNOW it's authentic".
Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever talked about the past, present and future of marketing. In the past, it was marketing to people; in the present it is marketing with people, and in the future it will be marketing for the people, for their needs. In order to attain this we must:

 Make our content truly relevant
 Not focus on going viral
 Stay true to the brand DNA
Wendy Clark, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications at Coca-Cola, talked about real-time marketing. Brands need to identify trends and valuable stories, and to create relevant content as a reaction to these trends. This way brands can generate conversations and build relationships with their audience.

Women leaders:
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO talked about the place of women in the industry, especially women leading companies and brands. To her claim, "If more women are in leadership roles, we'll stop assuming they shouldn't be". She also noticed the Ben Bossi program which offers educational resources to help girls and women take the lead and give parents, teachers, troop leaders and managers hands-on strategies for supporting female leadership.
World Cup
Off course we can't do without mentioning the World Cup which makes the whole world go crazy.  Kevin Burke, CMO Visa, talked about the connection between brands & sports. This connection helps to build the brand, drive the business and support client relationships. 
Marcello Serpa added that brands that create campaigns for the World Cup need to customize their message to the spirit of the World Cup, and they must make it unique so that people will notice to the brand and connect it to its message.

The post was written by Rotem Dahan, BlogsRelease - Distribute your content through bloggers worldwide.


The Latest Social Media Marketing Stats 2014

Jun 19, 2014


Cannes Lions Day 1+2 Recap

Jun 17, 2014

Brands need more Relevant & Creative Content for Building communities

The Cannes Lions is the largest International Festival of Creativity gathering of worldwide advertising professionals, designers, digital innovators and marketers.
This year, more than 12,000 attendees from 94 countries arrived to the festival in Cannes started on Sunday 14th.
There were many famous faces at the festival such as David Benioff, Co-creator Game of Thrones, Lady Gaga and Spike Jones, but the most stunning appearance was of Sarah Jessica Parker who burned the stage with her lovely shoes.  You can hear some of Parker's thoughts in this video.

The subjects discussed at the sessions were: Relevance, Building Communities, Content, Creativity and off course the WorldCup.

Relevance is the key for brands to understand your costumers' needs. As the actor David Hasselhoff said: "Relevance is anticipating other people's needs".

Building Communities
The most important thing in Social Media is building communities, not talking about our brand, said the actor Patrick Stewart and Joel Lunenfeld, VP, Global Brand Strategy at Twitter.


Kevin Burke, CMO Visa ,  talked about the need to deliver more relevant content; The right content, at the right time, in the right context.
Marcello Serpa, Chief Creative Officer of the adverting agency ALMAP/BBDO, emphasized the importance of content: "Everyone is talking about big data, but content should be the beginning of big data; So if you have good content, your data will explode".

To PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer of the advertising agency Pereira & O'Dell, in the age of content we need to:
 Think like a marketer
 Behave like an entertainer
 Move like a tech startup

As content, also creativity was a major topic is all the sessions and workshops. Nir Wegrzyn CEO of BrandOpus , a leading design agency in UK, claimed that "Creativity isn't about coming up with ideas. It's about what you do with them".
David Hasselhoff added on an interview with Cannes Lion TV that Creativity is seeing it, believing in it and creating it", and PJ Pereira claimed on his session that "Diversity is the mother of creativity".

World Cup

Off course we can't do without mentioning the World Cup which makes the whole world go crazy.  Kevin Burke, CMO Visa, talked about the connection between brands & sports. This connection helps to build the brand, drive the business and support client relationships. 
Marcello Serpa added that brands that create campaigns for the World Cup need to customize their brand's message to the spirit of the World Cup, and their message must be unique in order people will notice to your brand and connect it to your message.



Press Card For Bloggers

Jun 11, 2014

BlogsRelease Launches an Online Press Card for Bloggers
A new initiative by BlogsRelease: Bloggers can now claim their Press Card for 2014. 

About the new Press Card scheme: 
Bloggers' reporting and event coverage has become a major interest for brands and marketing managers. Bloggers today are considered prime influencers: "..Blogs rank favorably with consumers for trust, popularity and even influence" (Social Media Examiner,Technorati)

Presenting a Press Card by BlogsRelease.JPG

The Press Card makes it easier for bloggers to identify themselves professionally, and at the same time makes it easier for event organizers to welcome and connect with bloggers arriving to cover their event - so they would be able to spread the word to their followers - on their blog and social media channels.
The Press Card is issued for free to registered bloggers on the BlogsRelease platform. The Card is issued digitally and suitable for presenting on either a mobile phone or tablet.
Press Cards are not a new concept of course, however, traditional media gatekeeper have not been encouraging bloggers to join their pass schemes. At BlogsRelease we of course recognize the increasing need for bloggers - as primary media workers - to introduce themselves in the course of their work at trade shows, conferences, museums, concerts, and other  public gatherings. By issuing the card, BlogsRelease aims to empower bloggers and supply them with a indispensable tool for their media work.   
Dani Finkelstein, Co-Founder BlogsRelease says: "I've seen bloggers struggling to get proper access to media information, during numerous international Tech conferences I have participated in the last couple of years. I ran the Press Card idea by bloggers in our community, with whom we have close professional cooperation, and they were very excited about it. I truly believe the Press Card will become a valuable tool for bloggers worldwide."
As a blogger Press Card holder one would be granted better access to relevant information for their digital journalism practice - the Press Card ensures they would be better supplied with backstage passes, interview opportunities, exclusive photos and data, and more.
About BlogsRelease:
BlogsRelease is a digital platform which distributes content and news to bloggers.
For brand managers & PR agencies, the website functions as an innovative digital platform to distribute news to bloggers, in a professional manner. The BR – Blogs Release is a kit containing all relevant information, photos, videos and links about the brand, making it easy for bloggers to write about the brand. The system requires basic registration after which you can submit the BlogsRelease (BR) and it would be sent as a newsletter, only to the relevant bloggers in your field.
For bloggers, the site functions as an up-to-date professional source of information. Following their application, bloggers would start receiving a custom-made newsletter with items on the subjects they defined as relevant. All the content is kept on the platform's cloud for bloggers' ease of use.
Upon application, we review every blogger's credentials and stats upon registration, and make sure they receive all the relevant news uploaded by brands to the platform, in a clear and user-friendly format.
Registration to the platform is free.

Further Information / Links: for further information about the platform as well as blogging and marketing infographics
Bloggers as influencers:


Dad Bloggers for Father’s Day

Jun 11, 2014

Looking for Dad Bloggers for
Father's Day?


Here are some recommendations: 

For more Dad Bloggers click 


How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach strategy

Jun 10, 2014


21 New Roles for Content Marketing

Jun 10, 2014


5 Content Blind Spots and how to avoid them

Jun 10, 2014


The Great Divide in Content Marketing

Jun 10, 2014


How do you Measure Content Marketing?

Jun 10, 2014


5 Steps Guide to Content Marketing & Marketing Automation Collaboration

Jun 8, 2014



Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #22 - Last

Jun 8, 2014

How can influencers help to increase your exposure?

Last tip #22: Exposure:

Michael Stelzner, on Increasing Exposure:
If you want to connect with influencers, you need to understand what they want most and give it to them, no strings attached. Often, influential people love to be exposed to new audiences, see their name in lights and share their wisdom.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #21

Jun 8, 2014

Do you create projects with your influencers? 

Tip #21: Co-Creation:

Scott Abel, on Co-Creation:
Create a multi-channel content marketing project designed to showcase both the knowledge of the influencers and your expertise in your chosen discipline.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #20

Jun 8, 2014

Focus on advocates first and find influence.

Tip #20: Advocacy: 

Jay Baer, on Advocacy:
We too often look at "audience" and call it "influence". What the best companies do is focus on advocates first (costumers and emp;oyees) and then add influence on the top of that.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #19

Jun 8, 2014

Are influencers a part of your marketing process? 

Tip #19: Process:

Amanda Maksymiw, on Process:
Think about adding your influencers to your CRM to manage your contacts and outreach activities. You can use the system to store pitch ideas and also set up nurture campigns to stay top-of-mind with your influencers.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #18

Jun 8, 2014

How you validate you content?

Tip #18: Validation:

Jason Miller, on Validation:
Adding influencers to your content initiatives in the form of quotes, callouts, and short interviews helps validate your own good content while helping to promote the influencers in your industry. It's a win-win-win - for you, the influencers, and ultimately, your audience. 


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #17

Jun 8, 2014

How well you know your competitors?

Tip #17: Competitors:

Marcus Sheridan, on Competitors:
Influencers are often competitor vendors. Pretend your prospects already know all your competitors. I can give you many examples of how talking about your competition (be it review articles, comparison articles, etc.) can generate leads and sales. It works.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #16

Jun 3, 2014

It's time to do some research about your influencers!

Tip #16: Research:

Robert Rose, on Research:
One key in influencer outreach is the research you putin before you reach out and ask. Have a very good feel for where they're headed, what their goals are, and what they care about.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #15

Jun 3, 2014

Connect with influencers using Twitter and share with them your content.

Tip #15: Twitter:

Arnie Kuenn, on Twitter:
Twitter is an extremely helpful tool to find and connect with influencers. Find the people that carry weight in your industry, put them in a special list, and begin to build relationships with them, so when either of you has content to share, you can both benefit from the connection.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #14

Jun 3, 2014

Turn your event to a party!

Tip #14: Hosting Events:

Russell Sparkman, on Hosting Events:
Throwing a better party has always been a successful way of connecting with influential people. Make your event a better party - a unique experience that is educational and fun.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #13

Jun 3, 2014

How Generous Are You?

Tip #13: Generosity:

Ann Handley, on Generosity:
Be generous in your definition of "influencer". Maintain a given mind-set. In this age of social media and content everyone is potentially a "who" in a who's who scenario.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #12

Jun 3, 2014

Are you building rapport with your infuencers? 

Tip #12: Rapport:

Lee Odden, on Rapport:
Grow your influencer network long before you need them. The day to create an army of influential advocates isn't the first day of the war. Find common interests and develope rapport.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #11

Jun 3, 2014

The art and science of Influence marketing are content and social media.

Tip #11: Social media:

Jeff Bullas, on Social media:
Influence marketing is an art and science. The art is the crafting and creation of content that adds value to people's lives, personally or for their business. The science is the tactics and tools of building tribes and followers on the big social networks .


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #10

Jun 3, 2014

Which tools do you use to reach out to infuencers? You definitely should try BlogsRelease.

Tip #10: Tools

Chad Pollitt, on Tools:
Doing influencer outreach well requires using the right tools. Software like Cision, BuzzSumo and Onalytica go a long way in helping PR and marketing pros parse the ever-crowded realm of the internet to find the best infuencers in your industry.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #9

Jun 3, 2014

How do you make real-life connections?

Tip #9: Connecting

Heidi Cohen, on Connecting:
People build relationships face-to face. By making real-life connections, your communications become P2P content that breaks through the clutter in their inboxes and on social media.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #8

May 27, 2014

Do you have reciprocal relationship with influencers?

Tip #8: Reciprocity

Doug Kessler, on Reciprocity:
If you want an influencer to be a shiny cog in your content distribution machine, be one of the hardest-working cogs in theirs.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #7

May 27, 2014

Don't be selfish. Help the influencer reach new audience.

Tip #7 - Reach

Michael Brenner, on Reach:
It's important to focus on finding ways to help the influencer. Help them build their brand. Help them reach a new audience. Help them gain access to insights and content for their audience. 


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #6

May 27, 2014

Attending to events for networking? 

Tip #6: Events

Andy Crestodina, on Events:
Go to conferences. Nothing comes close to the quality of face-to-face time. Success comes from relationships, which come from events.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #5

May 27, 2014

Are you trustworthy?

Tip #5: Trust

Mark Schaefer, on Trust:
People are overwhelmed by information density and look to social proof for guidance on who to follow. But in the long term, lasting influence comes from trust, not your number of Twitter followers.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #4

May 27, 2014

Does engagement is a part of your Influencer strategy? It should be.

Tip #4: Engagement

Ardath Albee, on Engagement:
A cold request to "promote my stuff" is not the highlight of your influencer's day. Engage influencers before you need them. Be helpful. Promote their stuff first. Mutual value increases receptivity.


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #3

May 27, 2014

Do you have influencer strategy?

Tip #3: Strategy

Joe Pulizzi, on Strategy:
Have an influencer strategy. I would say 99% of businesses that say they want to partner with influencers actually have no strategy. Start with why you are engaging with influencers (what it is going to do for the business).


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #2

May 27, 2014

Did you like our first tip? If your answer is sure, Are you ready to Tip number #2?

#2 Tip: Selecting Influencers

Joe Chernov, on selecting influencers:
Stop "big name hunting". They're all ego-trapped out. Focus instead on next-generation leaders and you'll have them all to yourself. 


Connect with Marketing Influencers - Tip #1

May 27, 2014

Want to connect with marketing influencers but don't know how? Follow us and get 22 Influential Marketers best tips.  Each day we will publish one Tip. 
Today's #1 Tip: Content  

Andrew Davis, On Content:
Look for the people with the highest-quality content. Take a content-first approach to building a relationship with the influencers in your market. Creat content about them. Comment on their content. Consume the content they share. 


WOMMnext: Content, Innovation and Receptivity to new platforms

May 22, 2014

*Insights from Word of Mouth Marketing Conference – WOMMnext, Chicago
Between 28th to 30th, April, 2014 the Word of Mouth Marketing conference - WOMMnext held in Chicago ,IL, USA, organized by WOMMA (an organization that focuses on word of mouth marketing and social media marketing , established in 2004).
The conference focused on the latest innovations in WOM marketing, presented by speakers who specialize in strategies of word of mouth marketing, including: Amy Bohutinsky from Zillow , Amber Gadsby from Dominos Pizza , Alex Bodman from Razorfish , the author Emanuel Rosen and Ed Keller from The Keller Fay Group.


The conference opened with the success story of the real estate online market start - up - Zillow, introduced by the company's marketing director, Amy Bohtinsky. Her
She told that the company's marketing budget was 0$ at first, and it was built and managed through word of mouth marketing. Their WOM marketing campaign open with a valuation of the White House, and continued with distribution of various articles on the web in their practice. Bohtinsky emphasized the importance of creating content and customize it to the target audience of the brand. She also added that good advertising must contain data AND emotion.
Director of Brand Innovations in Dominos Pizza, Amber Gadsby, talked about negative reviews of consumers. She said that after they saw comments from consumers which stated that Dominos Pizza taste like a cardboard, they decided to take this criticism and learn from it. As a result, in cooporation with consumers , Dominos has completely changed its recipe , and this led to a sharp increase in sales. Gadsby added that it happened thanks to their activities of word of mouth marketing, representing 90% of their marketing operations, in order to change the pizza taste's image.
Gadsby also stressed the importance of innovation in the current account, and gave as examples of innovation she mentioned Dominos pizza's i-Pad app that allows consumers to watch the process of preparing the pizza they ordered, and the collaboration with Ford which allows ordering a pizza directly from the car's dashboard.
Ed Keller, CEO of The Keller Fay Group ( a market research and consultancy firm dedicated to the strategies of WOM, presented the fact  that 88% of the recommendations through word of mouth occur face to face , not on social networks. Likewise, he added that social networks account for only 2% of word mouth marketing activities. Therefore ,it is necessary to be aware to the conversations and of consumers about your brand , no matter where it happens - online or offline. In addition we need to distribute the information to influencers / bloggers who will make WOM recommendations.
Alex Bodman, the creative director of Razorfish – a digital media company, emphasized the importance of being receptive to new digital platforms, and to understand how they work, who uses them, and think how they can leverage your brand. As an example he introduce the 2013 Instagram campaign of Mercedes which used the new platform to create a relationship with younger consumers and brought them closer to the brand.

In conclusion, we can see that more and more brands focus on word of mouth marketing as part of their marketing plans. In order WOM marketing will bring results the brand must create customized content to the target audience of the brand, innovate, leverage consumer reviews and use new platforms that can help the brand to reach new audiences and promote the brand. After having all this, the brand has to distribute its content to influencers / bloggers in the category of the brand who would help to spread the word online / offline.


74 Clever Blog Post Title Templates That Work

May 19, 2014


Women Trust Word-of-Mouth Recommendations From Their Friends [Infographic]

May 15, 2014


Highlights from Mom 2.0 Summit

May 8, 2014

Between 01-03 May 2014 held the annual meeting of bloggers - Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta . The Conference brought together mom bloggers, entrepreneurs who create online content and experts in the media industry, who gathered to discuss ideas and options available to women in the media and the Internet.

Over 500 bloggers, leading entrepreneurs and marketing experts in parenting, entertainment, food, technology and design, attended to the conference to discuss in the relationship between brands and bloggers, to learn how we can enhance these relationships, and create cooperation between the two sides in the online world and especially through social networks.

Barbara Jones, founder of the media company Blissful Media Group, said that bloggers must know which social network brings them the most of the traffic to their blog, and focus their activities on the same network.

Charlie Capen, founder of the blog and the entertainment website for Parents "How To Be A Dad"  said that bloggers must focus on the quality and the strength of their relationship with their followers, not on the number of followers. Capen also noted that bloggers need to create content that will elevate them, their readers and the brand they write about.

From all the lectures and workshops held during the conference in writing, content creation, photos design and leadership, the panel about beauty and self-confidence gained the highest number of conversations and Tweets. In this panel participated the psychologist Dr. Robyn Silverman and Dove's marketing director, Jennifer Bremner.

Dr. Silverman spoke about the importance of parents in teaching their sons what true beauty is, not just the girls. Additionally, parents need to teach their girls that strength is not measured by beauty.

Jennifer Bremner, Dove's marketing director, noted that women tend to criticize themselves when they look in the mirror, and it affects their self-confidence and happiness. Therefore, it is important to manage conversations that can help women to rethink of the concept of beauty, and how they see their beauty and themselves.

Additionally, the penal participants mentioned that moms should be an example to their daughters, and show them how confidence looks like. If moms express lack of confidence, all they would tell their daughters on this subject will not help.
At the end of the conference, the Iris Awards ceremony started.  The Iris Awards granted parent bloggers for their efforts throughout the year in parenting.

Best Blog Award went to Kristen Howerton and her blog about parenting and motherhood "Rage Against The Minivan".

Cool Mom Picks and her Baby Gap campaign won the Best Sponsored Campaign Award, and Rebecca Woolf, Girl's Gone Child blog writer won the Best Writing Award.

The Web Personality Award went to Theo and Beau from Momma's Gone City blog.  Theo and Beau are the little boy of the mom blogger, Jessica Shyba, and her dog which has a special connection with the boy. Furthermore, their photographs together became a viral hit through the Web.

In the Content category won Mocha Momma Blog for the Best Thought–Provoking Content, and The Bloggess for the Best Entertaining Content.
Full list of winners here.

The conference emphasized the importance of cooperation between bloggers and brands that can benefit both parties. 
The event aroused great interest and major coverage of bloggers worldwide and it considered one of the most important conferences for bloggers and for brands who work with bloggers.  


Our Guest Post at #CMWorld Sydney

May 7, 2014

Content Marketing World Sydney happened at the begining of April was all about creating interesting and valuable content.

As media partners of the event, we wrote a guest post in the theme of the conference.

In this guest post we describe the importance of content distribution, as part of a marketing strategy, and share some tips and ways to distribute content, focus on bloggers and influencers through the web. 

Read the full guest post


Experience, Emotion, Distribution, Adaptation and privacy are the important elements in managing a brand in the digital world

Apr 28, 2014

Insights from The Next Web technology conference, Amsterdam, April 2014
Between 24th to 25th April, 2014 the European technology conference held in Amsterdam hosted by The Next Web (A technology focused Media Company founded in 2008 and manages several initiatives that focus on international news, technology, business and culture(.
More than 2,500 participants (brands, start - ups, designers, etc.) from all over the world arrived to the conference in Amsterdam. The conference brought together the international technology community to discuss and learn about the latest trends and innovations in technology, the Internet and cellular.
More than 50 speakers took part in the conference , including : Brian Solis , Aral Balkan, James McQuivey , Rahul Sood , David Shing and Brendan Gahan.
James McQuivey from Forrester (a company specializing in technology-related researches) spoke of "digital disruption" –an approach that sees every digital innovation as leading to disruption of "regular way" of doing business. He argues that Digital Disruption eventually brings a solution which is much faster, but it changes our behavior and our experience.
Therefore, in the digital age hit is necessary to pay attention to the consumers' experience and brands that do so, would succeed to create a long-term relationship with the consumer.

The YouTube expert, Brendan Gahan , talked about how content become viral , and stressed the importance in finding the right  influencers  / bloggers in order to achieve this goal . He also noted that in order to become viral, content should contain emotion, so people will be able to connect to it and share it.
Aral Balkan's lecture, the founder of the Indie phone (a phone that empowers the consumer's experience and keeps his privacy), dealt with the issue of privacy in the digital world. He claims that there is no such thing as "free" in the digital world. All digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. offer free services, but "free" has a price = our privacy.

Brian Solis from Altimeter group (a research company that focuses on technology) introduced the innovation in the digital age as something we must adapt to. He said we shouldn't resist to technological innovations but adopt them. For him, the key to the success of any business is innovation, and we need to innovate constantly in order to survive in the changing digital world.
David Shing from AOL didn't fail with his unique and extraordinary appearance. At his lecture which closed the round of the lectures of the conference, he argued that in an era where social media dominates, brands need stories. He believes that brands need to understand the power of the consumer, and put emphasis on the consumers' experience ; Experience is the heart of the story, but the emotional connection between the consumer and the brand is its core. The brand is only a perception.
David Shing also emphasized the importance of technology, content and distribution - the basis for advertising in the digital world. He revealed that last month 70 % of consumers shared some content; these shares are links and links are leading to consumers' action.

During the conference, start - ups had the opportunity to introduce technological innovations. 10 start - ups Of 99 which applied to the competition passed to the final:  30MHzCrate, Via, Discovered, Pocket Anatomy, UseClark, Agrivi, DocidoCubic.fmUsertalk.
At the end of the competition won the Irish start - up Pocket Anatomy that developed application that allows studying the human anatomy, with a virtual tour of 360 degrees in the human body.
In summary, The Next Web technology conference shows that the technological world is also based on content, emotion, and of course you can't do without distribution through influencers & bloggers.



Bloggers covering The Next Web Event #TNWEurope

Apr 27, 2014


I’m at the Next Web conference in Amsterdam. A large cavern is full of entrepreneurs and Web marketing folks, mainly young. (From my end of the bell curve, most crowds are young.) 2,500 attendees. The pening music is overwhelming loud; I can feel the bass as extra beat in my heart, which from my end of the bell curve is not a good feeling. But the message is of Web empowerment, so I’ll stop my whinging.


I’ve just got back from “The Next Web Europe” conference, there’s a good chance the conference is still going on, at least the drinking/partying fun part of the conference. A few of the speakers triggered my thinking so there will be a few more posts in the coming 1-2 weeks but here’s my summary of the conference.


"Do not call it the second or third screen folks. You must call it the first screen.." (David Shing - The Art of Storytelling).
Watch the video and decide for yourself. I enjoyed it, although I'm still looking for the theme, the theme of what I have now learned exactly.


Digital relationships will be the most important ingredient in next digital disruption #TNWEurope

Press Card for bloggers          BlogsRelease - Message from Branding, Marketing and PR personnel to bloggers



10 Crucial Elements for your Business Blog

Apr 23, 2014


120 Marketing Tips to Promote Your Blog

Apr 22, 2014


The Importance of Visual Content in Marketing

Apr 17, 2014


Bloggers Covering the Content Marketing World Sydney

Apr 13, 2014

I spoke at Content Marketing World Sydney this week and have been enjoying the opportunity to start learning about what the content marketing landscape looks like in Australia. What’s very obvious to me and everyone else is that content marketing is taking off in a big way in Australia. It’s a great time to be here and to be a part of everything that’s happening.

I came back from the event exhausted and inspired. What more can you really ask from a conference? I’m encouraged to think we’re moving away from strategies focused on volume and vanity metrics to one of quality storytelling. When I hear about examples like IPWEA and Black Milk, I get excited about the opportunities we have to do something very different with marketing. 

Day one of Content Marketing World Sydney certainly did not disappoint. The bevy of content marketing experts that presented yesterday spoke about everything from content creation processes to creating engaging content and much more.
I had the pleasure of both speaking at Content Marketing World Sydney and attending some wonderful sessions. Actually, pleasure is an understatement. I had a blast.  This event nicely emphasizes both the logical and emotional sides of content.

Press Card for bloggers BlogsRelease - Message from Branding, Marketing and PR personnel to bloggers



Insights from Content Marketing World Sydney, April 2014

Apr 13, 2014

Last week, the Content Marketing World Conference held in Sydney, Australia. This is the largest conference in the world of marketing and content now in his second year in Sydney.
marketing and content professionals from 13 different countries attended to the event, in order to learn a variety of advanced marketing strategies, from experts in the content marketing industry such as Joe Pulizzi, Mark Schaefer , Robert Rose , Colleen Jones and Todd Wheatland.
Joe Pulizzi , founder of the Content Marketing Institute ( the world's leading organization for guidance and training to content marketing), summed up the event in three insights:
 1. The investment in advertising is moving from traditional advertising to content marketing. While this is just a small dot in the whole marketing world, but this change starts to happen almost in every organization. You can see that brands are starting to make a structural change in "the house" by hiring journalists / editors and / or employing content marketing agencies to get rich program content for the brand.
2. Almost all SEO agencies are rebranding themselves as content marketers. It also indicated that most advertising agencies and traditional public relations are called to deal with the challenge of content marketing. However, they are wrong when they try to adapt the unique work processes of content to the work processes of traditional advertising.
 Julie Hamilton, content director for BT, went even further and said that brands need to move away from traditional marketing agencies when they dealing with content marketing.
3. Content marketing is important for all business divisions: public relations, corporate communications, social media and more. Each organization should define who is leading the content strategy in order to achieve results. Todd Wheatland from King Content added that more and more marketers consider content marketing as a social business ; It's not a division in the organization , but something that is part of the whole organization.
Bernadette Jiwa,  a branding expert,  stressed the importance of emotion in Brand's engagement with the customers, noting that consumers make decisions based on emotion.
The marketing expert Mark Schaefer argued that the content is not enough; It should be distributed through networks and social media tools to share it. This way your content will make an impact and brings to results.
Many participants who attended the event shared on Twitter thousands Tweets from the sessions:




In conclusion, we can see that the content marketing world is developing more and more, so companies and marketers who have not yet entered this world should start to get inside. Econsultancy's research on digital trends shows that content marketing is in the top priority of 36% of the marketers in 2014. However, because the web is over full with content, we should focus on creating more exciting, original, creative, meaningful and relevant content to our target audience. 



12 Days to Easter

Apr 8, 2014

14 million who follow after our bloggers, in various fields such as food, tech and fashion, are ready to hear about your News for Easter 2014.




Best Tips - Social Media Marketing World event from BlogsRelease

Mar 30, 2014


Highlights from Social Media Marketing World event

Mar 30, 2014





Happy Women’s Day

Mar 9, 2014


Happy Women’s Day

Mar 6, 2014

*Source: Nida Zaidi, MBT


About BlogsRelease: Where bloggers and brands engage.

Our platform was born to help marketers and PR distribute their content through bloggers worldwide. We have over 2700 bloggers who are looking for inspiring content to distribute to their more than 13 million followers.


Brands have a long way to go to overcome mobile strategy disconnect, reveals latest WARC-MMA – Festival of Media Asia Pacific survey

Feb 27, 2014

- ‘Skills’ identified as the biggest barrier to industry growth 
- Mobile budgets expected to rise sharply by 2019 

Singapore, 26 February, 2014 – The latest wave of research, conducted by Warc in 
association with the Festival of Media Asia Pacific (FOMAP), and the Mobile Marketing 
Association (MMA), found that while 91% of marketers appreciate the importance of the 
mobile marketing channel in Asia Pacific, its full potential is still to be realised, with 71% of 
agencies admitting that most clients do not have formal mobile strategies in place. 
Results suggest that mobile is still not a priority for brand owners, with the majority of 
respondents (78%) admitting that only 10% or less of marketing budgets are currently 
allocated to mobile. Even though this represents a fall of two percentage points since last 
year, almost all respondents expect to see the proportion of budget assigned to mobile grow 
by up to 30% by 2019, while nearly a third (29%) believe budgets will rise by over 50% in five 
years’ time. 
Findings also showed that where formal strategies are in place, mobile is being integrated 
into other marketing campaigns much more than in the past, with 40% of respondents 
reporting close integration, compared with just 27% last year. This would seem to suggest 
greater familiarity with the mobile channel, however, results also showed that despite 
recognising the need for integration as part of a successful marketing campaign, 62% of 
respondents said they seldom use mobile to gauge audience interest and engagement in 
other advertising campaigns. 
Taking in 316 respondents from across 24 markets in Asia Pacific, the study, which was 
conducted in January 2014, is the third iteration of research designed to gauge the attitudes 
of client-side advertisers and marketing services agencies towards mobile marketing. 
“It’s clear from the study that there is still a long way to go before brands and agencies in 
Asia Pacific understand the full potential of mobile for reaching consumers. It is encouraging 
to see however that those brands that have taken the leap are now learning to use mobile in 
innovative ways that integrate with other marketing activities, demonstrating mobile’s 
gradual move from the periphery to the centrepiece of marketing strategies,” said, Edward 
Pank, Managing Director at Warc Asia Pacific. 
Other findings from the survey revealed that the majority of respondents (61%) felt that 
programmatic buying – the automatic buying and selling of display ads, would become 
more important to marketing strategies by 2019, with almost a third (30%) saying it would be 
‘very important.’ Interestingly, when asked to identify the greatest barrier to growth of mobile 
marketing in 2014, 45% of respondents identified ‘skills’ in relation to the emergence of new 
technology as the greatest challenge. This aligned with respondent’s thoughts on 
programmatic buying, with 52% admitting to having little or no knowledge of it. Other 
concerns for the industry, included the availability of reliable metrics to assist informed 
marketing decisions (37%) and consumer concerns surrounding privacy and security, which 
dropped by 5% since the last survey, indicating wider reassurance among consumers. 
The 2014 survey is released ahead of Festival of Media Asia Pacific which takes place at 
Capella Hotel in Singapore from March 16-18, 2014. The event brings together over 700  
delegates from across 22 countries in Asia, who will gather to hear from some of the media 
industry’s most agile and forward-thinking leaders.

“As the mobile industry continues to grow and develop, with the emergence of new 
technologies like programmatic buying on mobile providing new and improved ways to 
effectively target audiences, it is crucial that marketers stay up-to-date to remain ahead of 
the game,” said, Charlie Crowe, Founder of Festival of Media and Chairman of C Squared. 
“The ability for agencies and brands to be agile in the light of new mobile marketing tools 
and methodologies will be essential for their survival in this increasingly competitive 
marketplace. This is the theme of this year’s Festival of Media Asia Pacific, which takes place 
next month, providing a platform for discussion on some of the most pressing issues 
challenging the industry today. 
The first and second iteration of the survey, conducted in February and August 2013, also in 
association with FOMAP and MMA, highlighted that marketers are facing a mobile strategy 
disconnect. Brands in Asia Pacific are struggling to develop formal mobile strategies, putting 
the future effectiveness of their marketing programmes at risk, even as they realise the power 
and potential of mobile. 
“For brands to really see the impact of mobile on their operations, they need to focus on 
three I’s – Investment, Innovation, and Integration. Instead of looking at mobile in isolation as 
a marketing channel with a certain set of capabilities, brands need to leverage its unique 
features to innovate and push their creative limits,” said Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, 
Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific. “This is our third study with Warc and Festival of 
Media Asia, and the results are definitely encouraging. As we see more brands choose to 
devote greater attention to mobile, it won’t be long before mobile takes its true place in the 
advertising mix.” 
 Among the study’s other findings: 
 The most innovative markets for mobile are China (43%), Singapore (38%), Japan 
(33%) and Australia (31%). 
 Travel, transport and tourism are currently seen as the most innovative industries using 
mobile, up 11 percentage points from 23% in 2013. Other innovative industries 
included leisure and entertainment (32%), telecoms (29%) and financial services 
 Multi-screening is now viewed as the most significant mobile consumer behaviour, 
ahead of mobile payments which was cited top in 2013. 
 Location-based marketing is viewed as crucial to both current (73%) and future 
marketing activities (79%) in the region. 
 The fastest growing technology in terms of adoption is the mobile wallet, intended to 
be utilised by 35% of respondents in 2014/15, before rising to 62% adoption in 2019. 
 The use of QR codes, currently deployed in 45% of the marketing activities of those 
surveyed, is expected to halve over the next five years, suggesting the technology is 
viewed as somewhat dated in such a fast-evolving industry. 
 Samsung, whose smartphones are the most prevalent in Asia Pacific was recognised 
as the most innovative brand in 2014, with a share of 10% of all responses. 
Respondents also believed Samsung to be the most innovative brand in last year’s 
survey, but at a much higher rate (30%). Other innovative brands included Coca 
Cola (7%), Apple (4%), McDonalds (4%), Unilever (4%), Nike (3%), Proctor and Gamble 
(2%) and Google (2%). 
Detailed survey findings can be downloaded by following the link. 
Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014 takes place at The Capella Hotel in Singapore from 16 – 18 
March, 2014. 
Follow Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014 on Twitter and use the #FOMA14 hashtag. 
About C Squared 
C Squared is one of the fastest-growing specialist publishing, events and technology 
companies in Europe. Its mission is to help the media and marketing industry become more 
connected and better informed so that it is fully equipped to respond to the challenges and 
opportunities brought about by digital technology and globalization. C Squared launched 
the Festival of Media in Venice in 2007 and the brand now has 3 major events across the 
world, attended by 4,000 senior delegates and receiving over 3,000 Awards entries. In 2009, 
C Squared acquired the leading brand M&M Global; plus the M&M Global Awards and the 
popular media training course, IMM. The company also owns Cream which has now 
become the world’s largest database of media innovation and its bespoke technology 
serves many of the leading global agency groups and multinational advertisers. More 
information is available at: 
About the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) 
The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is the premier global non-profit trade association 
representing all players in the mobile marketing value chain. With more than 700 member 
companies, the MMA is an action-oriented organization with global focus, regional actions 
and local relevance. The MMA's primary focus is to establish mobile as an indispensable part 
of the marketing mix. The MMA works to promote, educate, measure, guide and protect the 
mobile marketing industry worldwide. The MMA's global headquarters are located in the 
United States and it has regional chapters including North America (NA), Europe, Middle East 
and Africa (EMEA), Latin America (LATAM), and Asia Pacific (APAC) branches. For more 
information, please visit 
About Warc 
Warc is the global provider of ideas and evidence to marketing people. Warc’s premium 
online intelligence service,, includes more than 7,000 case studies and a huge 
resource of articles on new thinking and best practice across all areas of marketing. With 
users in over 100 countries, it is a unique resource relied upon by agencies, brand owners and 
media groups. Alongside the Warc service we publish five highly respected magazines and 
journals: Admap, Market Leader, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising 
Research and International Journal of Market Research. We also host market leading  
conferences on key industry issues such as measuring advertising performance. 


Online Word Of Mouth

Feb 18, 2014


Great content- shareable

Feb 17, 2014


WOM and i like it

Feb 9, 2014

The most influential element driving driving purchase decisions today is WORD OF MOUTH


So why blog?

Feb 7, 2014

There are a number of reasons why, but the greatest benefit to a business is through driving inbound traffic back to your website. Content distribution comes in many forms, but over the past year we have found the following distribution channels to have the greatest benefit: social networks, video sharing sites, guest blogging, and search engines.


Distribution & Distribution

Feb 4, 2014

It’s the million dollar question every marketer wants to know. How do I get my content to go viral? 


What Makes Content Go Viral?

Jan 28, 2014

The purpose of content excellence is to create “Ideas” so contagious that they cannot be controlled.
On a social web, people can easily share ideas, videos and photos on social networks such Facebook.
So create content that begs to be shared, whether that be an image, a video or an article.


8 Social Media and Content Marketing Tips from BlogsRelease:

Jan 20, 2014

In the worlds of business and marketing, blogs are a part of strategic marketing plans of many brands and companies. Since there are many different bloggers who write about various subjects, many marketers and communicators find it difficult to create a customize content for bloggers.

Here are the best BlogsRelease’s tips to create and distribute customized and influential content for bloggers:

1) Dialogue throught Social Media Channels

About half of the online content is shared through social media. Therefore, it is important to establish and maintain pages and profiles, but do not stop there: attach links to your pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. to your BlogsRelease, so bloggers know where to find you, connect with you. This way you can conduct a live dialogue with them and their readers through them.

2) Worthy Pictures

Our eyes have become accustomed to ask and look for more: more information, more images.

Attaching a selection of pictures to your BlogsRelease, allowing each blogger choose the best picture for his blog concept and design. You will find an image gallery function in the content entry system of BlogsRelease which allows you to easily upload many photos, of unlimited size, to costumize all needs of different bloggers.

3) Use Youtube

YouTube is Google's beloved offspring. Google gives YouTube the best search results; That's why YouTube is the 2nd most important search engine.

This means you should make every effort to produce video content to upload to YouTube. Then of course distribute the link in your social media channels.

BlogsRelease platform encourage bloggers to incorporate your video in their posts, by creating relevant script and style that matches the bloggers' niche and online community.



4) The Salami technique

If you slice your message into thin slices, bloggers will can digest it more easily, which would certainly help them share your messages with their readers.


5) Persuasive words

In every language there are words that have more of an impact on the reader.

Combining, for example, the words: You, New, Now, Free, Yes,  in your text can contribute on raising the bloggers' motivation to read more thoroughly and make them take action.

Check out the full tip for persuasive words in english by Copyblogger.

6) Learn Bloggers’ Lexicon

The Blogosphere has its own lingo. In the old days, bloggers used to publish lexicons. Today, you can find everything on the internet. It is worth learning the jargon, in order to costumize your messages better to bloggers. Click here to read some of blogs glossary.

7) Give Coupons

Are you able to go through one entire day without using or hearing the word coupon? Supermarkets, websites, coffee shops, everyone is offering coupons.

Bloggers are the perfect audience for offering coupons. Most of them love new experiences, and certainly those that can be shared with their community.

Use BlogsRelease platform to hand out special coupons to bloggers in your category; They will appreciate it and thank you by posting about it to their readers.


Image courtesy of Michal Marcol /

8) Nostalgia

Mark Zuckerberg adopted Don Draper’s slide carousel, since they both believe in the importance of nostalgia in marketing.

An old picture, song, phrase, with a nostalgic touch, can make your content more relevant to readers. Not convinced? Watch Don.

To sum up all above, you need to ask yourself 3 questions before publishing your BlogsRelease:   

*  Is the style, tone and language consistent and clear throughout your message?

* What in your product or service description will stimulate the blogger's involvement? What in the text will make the blogger share your content?

* Is there more information online that can support your Blogs Release? Bloggers love to get a lot of information, so be sure to include documents, pictures and links.


2014 Digital Marketing Trends And Tips

Dec 31, 2013


Search Benefits of the Blogosphere

Dec 30, 2013

There are many aspects of the blogosphere that make it attractive to search marketers: the sharing and distribution of content, the potential for viral marketing and link bait, and the associated linking opportunities. But, so much more goes into the relationship we have with blog communities. This infographic describes both the tangible and intangible benefits of engaging with the blogosphere.


Benefits of Blogging

Nov 27, 2013


Social Media Users are Influential Offline

Nov 26, 2013

Social media networks have given influencers a platform to spread their ideas. Influencing your peers on these platforms can drive increased sales to on-line stores.


Five Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Brands

Nov 25, 2013

Refreshed Brand:

Every time you post new content on your blog it gets a new life new hype. Search engines like Google loves new content. So, if you just have a static website for your brand and blog, it gets really difficult to rank high on Google.

If you could provide refreshed content through your blog daily or weekly, your brand stands a good change to rank high on Google search results. So, blogging is important for brands in terms of SEO

Build Trust:

If you are a stranger in the internet media, you will not be able to connect with many people around. You have to establish trust and make yourself known to the world around. A blog will help you to build that trust if you could produce helpful and trustworthy content consistently.

Once you build the trust, it becomes really easy to promote your product and get new customers as the reader base already know you and consider your opinion as authentic. So, blogging is important for brands to create trust.

Build Authority:

Blogging is the best platform to establish yourself or your brand as the expert on the subject niche. If you produce useful content on your brand’s blog regularly, it will tag your brand as an authority site in that niche.

Building authority takes time and it depends on how useful your content is and how frequently you produce new content, consistency is the key to success. So, blogging is important for brands, because it helps your brand become an authority site around your niche.

Build Community:

Blogging helps you to build a community around your brand. Once you build the trust and establish yourself as authority in the given niche, people starts following you which eventuality becomes automatic way to attract new customers for your product or services. So, blogging is important for brands to create a community around products and services.

Social Media Focus:

If you want to shift the focus of social media platforms towards your brand and get huge number of followers, blogging and useful articles can automate that for you.

Quality blog content get great limelight on social media because your readers will share your content on social media platforms with their users and multiply your total reach.


If you want to create a brandblogging is something you should not avoid because blogging can bring you new customers and provide you the much needed online visibility. So, blogging is important for brands, if your brand doesn’t have a blog already, start one today.


Why Blogging Is Important For Brands?

Nov 24, 2013

Blogging Is Important For Brands because it is considerd to be, for many years and it still continues, one of the most important and trusted method to promote brands. 
Around 62% of marketers and brands published a blog this year and around 82% of daily bloggers found a new customer through their brand.
some data by Noetic Media about "why Blogging Is Important For Brands?"


Blogs Outrank Social Networks for Consumer Influence: New Research

Nov 22, 2013

The latest findings from Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report show that

“consumers are turning to blogs when looking to make a purchase
In fact, blogs rank favorably with consumers for trust, popularity and even influence.



Captivating Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014

Nov 20, 2013

20 Captivating Marketing Statistics that will Drive 2014


Holiday time marketing ideas:

Nov 18, 2013

For brands the holidays are a perfect time to boost sales. This is the time when people are more prone to shopping than any other time. This is why at this period of time brands should be ever more active and increase their marketing efforts.
Here are some holiday marketing ideas for brands to implement easily using their online tools.
#1 Utilizing holiday symbols to engage your online followers with your brand. For instance you can do photo campaign on your facebook page. Very important that you Watch for and respond quickly to questions and comments on your brand page.  

#2 You can engageYour Consumers or potential ones by offering special deals through a
Facebook contest.  Another tip would be making the contest prize a gift certificate to your business. A Gift coupon will give the winner a chance to try your products or services directly. Additionally, contests can drive users to “Like” your page, letting you communicate with them in the future. People who like your page will see your content via paid or organic
posts, and you can reach friends of people who like your page with ad targeting.

#3 Don’t leave out mobile technology. Phone apps and sites are a major component of costumer experience of your business. With that in mind (and especially at the holidays) you should provide a good user experience on the mobile web.

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at

#4 Stand out! The more extravagant you'll be, the more eyes you'll turn. By that we mean that you think what will catch best consumers' eyes. For instance instead of offering the usual 5%-10% discount coupon you should consider offering a 50% or 75%. During the holidays you should "go big or go home.”
#5 1+1 Deals. Considerproviding a discount that will benefit both an existing and a new customer.
Finally you should always make sure that costumer is the star of your campaign. Always thinks of ways to include him actively as a part of your business. The more you put the costumer in the middle the more he'll be engage with your business.      
Have great holidays!!
BlogsConnections Team


Top Ten Blogs Every Marketer should read

Oct 25, 2013

Top Ten Blogs Every Marketer should read
by ryyther.
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Profile of the Modern Travel Blogger

Oct 5, 2013

Profile of the Modern Travel Blogger


Do you know German blogger?

Sep 13, 2013

German blogger servey by rankseller


The State of Blogging

Sep 13, 2013

The State of Blogging



57% marketer acquired cuotomers through blogging

Sep 7, 2013


Why we focus to blogging

Aug 30, 2013

            Why we focus to blogging





7 Guiding Principles for Marketing Through Bloggers

Aug 5, 2013

by:Eti Finkelstein Nachum.

Bloggers are the key to online marketing success. They are perceived as reliable, and as providers of quality content. Today there are 130 million blogs, out of about 700 million websites (as of early 2013).

How does the blogger's head work? And what is the appropriate way to get through to them? How do we get relevant bloggers to spread the news about products?

1. Information and Media
Give a wealth of information, including links

Influential bloggers reflect their own personal angle. Also, they do not need skirt around the common denominator, contrary to traditional press, so it is recommended to send as much information as possible - photos, videos, links - so bloggers can generate their own interesting connections and talk bring fresh perspectives to your brand .

2. Community
Remember, Bloggers are community managers

A Blog's audience is a tribe. Some are small, but in fact some tribes include five million readers. The blogger leads his readers like a chief, minding the tribal fire, steering his community towards or around common interest. Hence is it important to send bloggers information specifically relating to their audience.

3. Timing
How to bring traffic to my blog: this is one of the three main tasks of the blogger. Many of them publish a post every day, and promote the post at specific hours, at which they know that their audience online. In addition, they often relate to current and global events, such as holidays, or visiting celebrity abroad. Important content to bloggers by timing is right, depending on your product category.

4. Social Media
Connect blog readers in the right spot

No blog is an island. Whether they like it or not, bloggers today are very active in social networks – this is important both for getting traffic and for maintaining their community. It is therefore important to keep brand pages on social networks. You must be available to them and allow them to connect you to their followers where they are present most of the time.

5. Originality and exclusivity

It follows from the first point above, that the personal perspective of the blogger can grow stronger if he gets the chance to try your product. There are companies that hand out products and / or coupons to bloggers, who in return usually share the experience with their readers. Sometimes they use the coupon as a prize in a draw or a competition among their readers – which would bring even better brand exposure. 

6. Relevance - Categories and areas

Bloggers are not part of an editorial desk, and they are dealing only with materials that are of interests them. If they do not have any use of your information, it will not pass on to others. It is therefore important to understand to which content category the blogger belong – make sure they do write about products in the field.

7. New distribution platform - direct from marketers to bloggers

With hundreds of emails received every day, is not easy to bloggers to pay attention to all the news. Direct contact with all the bloggers in your category is a demanding job. There is now available a new platform through which marketers can easily distribute information to relevant and interested bloggers:
After quick registration, you can simply upload or paste a news release, including links, video, image files, and coupons, choose a publication date, and your message will be automatically delivered directly relevant to registered bloggers.


Tips for building a bright and succesful blogging brand

Jul 22, 2013


The State of Content Marketing 2013

Jul 17, 2013

The State of Content Marketing 2013


How Does Blogging Help You Boost Traffic and Generate Leads? [Infographic]

Jun 27, 2013


WordPress vs. Blogger

Jun 15, 2013

            WordPress vs. Blogger





12 Things To Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post

May 5, 2013

            12 Things To Do After You



The Message is the Messenger

Apr 13, 2013

            The Message is the Messenger





Do you think Blogging is Like Sex?

Mar 27, 2013

            Do you think Blogging is Like Sex?

                Do you think Blogging is Like Sex? infographic by GenYMedium.




The Evolution Of The Blogger

Mar 18, 2013

            The Evolution Of The Blogger





Popular Design Blogs by Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans

Mar 11, 2013

            Popular Design Blogs by Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans

                Popular Design Blogs by Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans infographic




All About Blogger

Mar 9, 2013




Jan 23, 2013

Our marketing Professional subscriber

In each post, you will receive one tip to boost your work with bloggers. So, let's start… Readers often like to read personal experiences regarding brands (especially new brands). One of the best tips we can give you for your work with bloggers is to ask them to write a post as their own personal experienceWhen they write about your brand, it might be look like this: "I first wore this buttoned-up shirt to a business lunch in my local Italian favorite…", or "The first nit felt so crunchy, and the smell.. oooh..." Now, it is your turn: Try to implement this tip when you interact with your Blogger. Good Luck!



The Brain of a Blogger

Jan 3, 2013

The Brain of a Blogger
by Infolinks.Browse more infographics.


Blog your way to a successful brand

Dec 23, 2012

Eti Nachum Finkelstein

Social Media is indeed the "Hot Spot" of today's marketing.

Even before Facebook was born, Blogs were there to bring useful and attractive information to web readers all over the world.

Blogs remain a fantastic way for companies to keep their customers interested and excited about the company's products.

Blogs are also a very good way to develop personal relationships with clients.
Our new site - "BlogsConnections" ( is the bridge between Bloggers and marketing professionals. Subscribers to our site will
have unlimited access to specialized bloggers, who will be expose to the subscriber's key marketing materials.

In this article, we offer you tips to promote your products through Blogs:

The content must be new - Nobody wants to read yesterday's news.
Customers always like to hear and read what's happening today (No matter what product it is, and no matter what characterize its customers),
therefor brand related posts must always be updated and new.
The content must be attractive- What is the point in writing about a new brand, if the article is not attractive enough for the readers? Your words must be inviting and attractive, otherwise you will lose many readers.

The content should be unique - Do not hesitate: If you own a different point of view,
a view that challenge the consensus, don't be afraid to share it with your readers.
On the contrary: the readers will be happy to read something different, refreshing and even surprising.