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IOTAS is the smart home experience designed specifically for renters

Smart for homes, brilliant for apartments.



By partnering directly with property developers, we install and setup apartments with smart outlets, switches and sensors before you move in, so you’ll have a great experience from day one without lifting a finger. Just move in, sign up and discover a new ally – your home.

An apartment that learns how to be a home.

By noting your daily patterns, IOTAS helps you learn more about your habits and is able to support them – making your home truly yours. You’ll experience a whole new way to customize your environment and make it yours.

Good for the earth – and your wallet.

IOTAS accumulates knowledge about your energy usage of lights and devices, and then acts on that data to automate what it can to help you reduce your footprint and utility bills, without you having to even think about it.

Ready when you are.

Forget everything that intimidates you about integrating technology into your home. IOTAS is designed to be ready from day one – no installation necessary, and up and running in under 5 minutes.

Ultimate control, at your fingertips.

Beyond simply turning on and off your lights and devices, an IOTAS home gives you the ability to set rules for your environment – simple or complex – that assists you by offloading the mundane so you can focus on the moment.

Every IOTAS apartment includes the following hardware:

  • IOTAS Hub
  • Smart Switches
  • Smart Plugs
  • Open/Close Sensors
  • Motion Sensors

Coming soon to a property near you.

The IOTAS smart home experience is currently available in a unique pilot property in the Portland, Oregon area. In the coming months we’ll be rolling out a beta program with partner properties across the country, and can’t wait for you be involved. Sign up below to learn more about where we’re going and when IOTAS will come to your city.


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