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Celebrate the change of seasons with these deliciously elegant fall appetizers!



Observe the changing of the seasons with seasonal foods! Celebrate the crisp weather, falling leaves and myriad of beautiful colors with a selection of delicious, seasonal appetizers for your guests.


From spicy kale chips to fresh fig canapes, these beautiful appetizers complement the new season perfectly.

Cheese spread with seasonal jams: Nothing says fall like a rustic charcuterie and cheese plate with seasonal jams. Serve a wide array of fresh cheeses, like blue, Camembert, sharp cheddar and manchego on beautiful wooden boards. Add a dash of seasonal flair with a selection of fall jams, like plum and pear, in cute mason jars.


Tomato & grilled cheese shooters: Give your guests a cozy, warm bite with a rich tomato soup shooter served with gooey grilled cheese. These shooters are perfect for bringing nostalgia to any event.


Warm curry bites: Add a taste of India to your event with these amazingly spicy curry dishes! Serve homemade Indian curry in a small dish with fresh baked bread for a cozy dish with a bit of global flair.


Pork belly pops: Now that cooler weather is on the horizon, guests may be more likely to indulge. These crispy pork belly pops may not be the healthiest, but they are delicious! Serve them with a variety of dipping sauces or spices for additional flavor.


Crispy kale chips: For something a little healthier, serve up a big batch of baked kale chips instead of regular potato. These have all the flavor of regular chips with a fraction of the fat and calories. Plus you can make them your own with a variety of unique seasonings and dips.

Fresh fig canapes: Figs are one of fall’s most beautiful fruits and truly take any appetizer up a notch. One of the easiest (and most glamorous) ways to serve them is on top of bread with a soft cheese (like goat) and a dash of honey. Add some fresh green herbs for added elegance.


Jarred squash salad: Incorporate fall’s most popular produce in a unique way with a jarred salad! Layer fresh greens, dressing and other toppings with roasted butternut squash for a delicious dish that’s easy to enjoy for guests on the go.


Dipped apples: Not all appetizers have to be savory. These sweet apple bites are coated in rich dark chocolate and rolled in nuts for a deliciously sweet bite. To add some variety, serve these alongside Granny Smith apples rolled in caramel and other nuts for more fall flavors. 


Mushroom soup cups: For an appetizer that doubles as entertainment, serve small bowls of fresh mushroom soup. Whether you make yours with cream or in a spicy broth, guests will love watching servers pour their soup from pitchers or tea-kettles into hand-held bowls.


Roasted beet pops: If your event is focused on healthier snacks, dish out a beautiful display of roasted beet pops! Use both golden and red for pops of color and serve alongside some creamy sauces or dips. 

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