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Blogger News: Fashion tech clothing opens 3D printed vents when heated 8.10.15





For the Spring/Summer 2016 MOMENTUM Collection, Chromat explored advances in cutting edge technology to capture all sides of the runway show and collection. Chromat believes in utilizing new forms of technology as an enhancement of the human experience and an augmentation of the body.



Read on for an in-depth look into 3D Body Scans with Sketchfab, Virtual Reality Livestream with Genpop, 3D Printed Dresses with Francis Bitonti, & Responsive Clothing with Intel.






This season Chromat collaborated with Sketchfab, an open-source platform to view and share 3D models, to set up 3D Body Scanning backstage at the SS16 Momentum Runway Show. Every runway model was scanned to a 3D File, which can be downloaded and sent to a 3D Printer to be created in materials like acrylic, precious metals, sandstone and more. (Look out for future Chromat printed holiday ornaments and/or action figures!)

A member of the Sketchfab team scanning model Hilda in the Amelia Suit
Soon we will have the ability to body scan each Chromat customer and use those measurements to create custom Chromat garments that fit each individual body perfectly. We believe that in the future, clothing will be downloadable online as files that users will be able to apply to their individual body scans for a perfect fit and complete customization. 



This season, we stepped up our 3D print game through a collaboration with visionary 3D print designer Francis Bitonti to create a printed dress using ninjaflex- a flexible filament material. The dress was printed at Voodoo Manufacturing in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 


Chromat has also developed our first sportswear prototype built with Intel technology: the Chromat Aeros Sports Bra powered by Intel, inspired by wind, air and flight. Bra prototype developed with Elizabeth LeMay at Studio 317 in Portland. 


Photos by Christelle de Castro for MADE

The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra leverages shape memory alloy to open vents to cool down the body when it senses heat and sweat.  With integration of the Intel Curie module, the sports bra can intuitively respond to perspiration, respiration and body temperature. This responsive clothing enables the wearer to break through barriers such as overheating to achieve peak performance.



The Intel powered garments, along with the body scanning, 3D printed garments and virtual reality runway shows, illustrate the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology.

As we continue our exploration of optimized fashion and wearable technology, Chromat is focused on empowering the body by elevating the utility of clothing and accessories with intelligent capabilities. 


Pre-order the SS16 MOMENTUM Collection here.


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