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Blogger News: The Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Every Budget 15.10.15

Whether you're trying to find affordable gifts for a big group or splurging for a few close friends, we've got 13 perfect picks that won't break the bank.



Finding the perfect groomsmen gifts for the friends and family who have agreed to take part in your wedding can be a source of disarray and stress for many grooms. You want to give them something useful and meaningful but with an affordable price tag. We rounded up our favorite picks for every price point so you can rest easy knowing you're appeasing both your wallet and your best buds. (Don't worry, we won't even take the credit!)

  1. Groomsmen Gifts Under $20

  2. Funky Socks

    Plaid pair of groomsmen socks


    If you're on a budget and have a group of groomsmen who have already participated in half a dozen weddings, that means the typical affordable gifts like engraved flasks or pocket knives are probably out of the question. Colorful, patterned socks are having a trendy moment in menswear, so go with it! Gift the guys a bold pair that can be worn the day of and long after. (They also make for fun wedding photos!)

    The Tie Bar argyle socks, $8, TheTieBar.com

  3. Bow Tie and Pocket-Square Set

    Plaid bow tie and pocket-square set


    When it comes to attire choices for the wedding party, there doesn't tend to be a lot of wiggle room for personal style. If you're feeling more laid-back about the guys' accessories, gift them a bow tie and pocket-square set in your wedding colors, and allow them to pick which they prefer to wear.

    Jack Threads plaid bow tie with pocket square, $16, JackThreads.com

  4. Stainless Steel Bottle Opener and Fine-Tooth Comb

    Silver comb with bottle opener


    This affordable, multipurpose comb is sure to be a hit with all the guys. It's great to have on hand for wedding party photos and perfect for opening up a cold beer to celebrate pre- or postreception. The fine-tooth comb works best for short hair, beards and mustaches and fits easily in a standard-size wallet, so the groomsmen can take it with them everywhere they go.

    Go-Comb stainless steel bottle opener and fine tooth comb, $16, Go-Comb.com

  5. Money Clip

    Silver groomsmen gift money clip


    We've seen money clips before, but rarely do they make us laugh. This slim aluminum design is functional and professional looking, but the humor is a unique bonus. If your bachelor party happens to be casino themed, take advantage of the perfect opportunity to hand these out. If not, stage a postrehearsal-dinner game of poker. Either way, it'll be a hit.

    UncommonGoods money clip, $18, UncommonGoods.com

  6. Groomsmen Gifts Under $50

  7. Brass Shoehorn

    Engraved brass shoehorn groomsmen gift idea


    Sure it's a simple gift, but c'mon, how often do you find yourself wishing for one of these as you're getting ready for a fancy function, running 10 minutes late and trying to get out the door? It just makes life a little easier. The brass hardware, rugged leather detail and etched wording make this one of the most handsome—and wedding-appropriate—shoehorns we've ever seen.

    Mark and Graham brass shoehorn, $29, MarkandGraham.com

  8. Fan Gear

    Professional-sports-team baseball cap


    Sports caps are a great gift idea because you'll be spending the same amount of money across the board, but each hat will be specific to the guy who's receiving it—and this doesn't have to be limited to baseball, or even pro teams. If you really want to kick this gift up a notch, include a couple of game tickets with each hat.

    Lids new era MLB authentic collection 59FIFTY cap, $35, Lids.com

  9. Whiskey Decanter

    Glass whiskey-decanter groom's gift


    Simple and elegant, a liquor decanter lends an air of Mad Men mojo to any man cave, home office, bar cart or entertaining space. Add a monogram for a personal touch, or opt for the classic, clean design. If the budget allows, pair the decanter with a bottle of his favorite alcohol or a couple tumblers to complete the set.

    Pottery Barn square decanter, $40, PotteryBarn.com

  10. Groomsmen Gifts Under $75

  11. Stunning Pin

    Brackish groomsmen gift pin


    Crafted from plum thorns (yes, that's a thorn from a plum thicket) and individually selected feathers, this vibrant pop of color and one-of-a-kind design is sure to dress up any lapel—whether it's for the wedding or any occasion after.

    Brackish Ross pin, $55, BrackishBowTies.com

  12. Toiletries Kit

    J.Crew Abingdon travel kit


    Every guy needs a bag to hold his grooming tools and toiletries, and this simple yet effective design gets the job done in style. The canvas fabric is sturdy enough to maintain the bag's shape whether it's bouncing around in transit or being squished into a carry-on, and the two-pocket design means any aftershave spills are kept far away from your toothbrush.

    J.Crew Abingdon travel kit, $58, JCrew.com

  13. DropCatch

    Dropcatch bottle-opener groomsmen gift ideas


    This isn't your average bottle opener. Not only is this a total icebreaker and party trick in one, but it offers the flexibility of sticking to your fridge (or any other magnetic surface) or being mounted on a wall. Choose between a standard magnet that can hold up to 70 caps or the ultra-strength model that can hold up to 140 caps. If you're still not sold, check out the engraving options.

    DropCatch pilsner bottle opener, from $60, DropCatch.com

  14. Custom Cuff Links

    Custom 3-D printed groomsmen cuff links


    Suggesting cuff links as a groomsmen gift isn't exactly reinventing the wheel, but when the cuff links are made completely from scratch it takes on a whole new meaning. With a loose design in mind, you can choose from six different metals, a variety of different finishes, add any font, decal or symbol, and before you know it, you've got some never-before-seen formalwear accessories that are truly unique to the occasion.

    43Layers custom 3-D printed cuff links, from $75, 43Layers.com

  15. Groomsmen Gifts Under $100

  16. Baseball Bottle Openers

    Bottle openers made from pro-used baseball bats


    True baseball fans will go gaga over this authentic piece of game-day action. These sturdy bottle openers are crafted from authentic MLB bats, used by the players themselves. Each opener even comes with a story card that describes exactly which game it was used in. Pair it with a pack of his favorite brews and let the games begin.

    UncommonGoods baseball-bat bottle openers, from $95, UncommonGoods.com

  17. Travel Tie Case

    Travel tie-case groomsmen-gift ideas


    Fully equipped to house ties, pocket squares and tie clips, this travel case ensures that each groomsman will show up to the wedding wearing wrinkle-free accessories. Each case can even be personalized for the groomsmen, with a (free!) foil monogram displaying their initials on the outside.

    Mark and Graham herringbone tie case, $99, MarkandGraham.com

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