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Blogger News: Prada presents Inside Me ‏ 15.10.15

The new Prada Inside Bag reveals its multiple secret lives in a series of surreal, dreamy animated videos by director James Lima.



In these whimsical shorts, handcrafted impressionism meets with witty motion capture as the viewer travels into the unique architecture of the Prada Inside Bag.
Waiting there is a cast of quintessential Prada women caught in unexpected encounters and liberating epiphanies.
Prada Inside Me invites you to enter parallel realities,  natural and artificial.
A joyous freedom to be somewhere else wherever you are.
An iconic new design with a secret Prada twist at its core: 

a carefully concealed twin bag within its supple architecture. 

At once playful and seductive, graceful and subversive, it seamlessly blends rich tradition with daring originality. 

Beautifully paired in a colourful selection of classic and novel shades, outer and inner bag can be matched tone-on-tone, or creatively contrasted to reflect the individual spirit of its owner. 

Developed by Prada’s skilled artisans, the outer bag is linked to its double through a complex design that unites Prada’s heritage of supreme craftsmanship with ingenious innovation.

The inner bag is joined through two folds to the outer, without any internal frame. 

The result is an incredibly soft bag, each taking many hours to hand-craft.


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