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Make it easier for your guests to mingle and network by serving these tasty and innovative bite-sized treats!



 Have you heard? The mini food trend is here to stay! Guests love the flexibility that small plates provide when networking, mingling and snacking, and event planners love the creativity the plates allow.

If you’re new to the mini food game and aren’t sure what to serve, check out these delicious ideas!

Sliders: For a hearty menu addition that’s still bite-sized, serve up a mouthwatering trio of sliders! Offer a range of different meats, such as traditional beef, pork, turkey or fish, and an assortment of sweet and spicy sauces. Use gourmet slider buns to take the presentation up a notch!


Mini pots: For a savory bite that also doubles as decor, serve homemade meals in small pots! Add a dash of local flair by serving a regional specialty, such as pillowy gnocchi, spicy pho or a cheesy casserole. The greatest thing about these pots is that they’re available in an array of vibrant colors.


Tacos: Gourmet tacos are all the rage this year, and guests will love the bite-sized take. Serve these mini bites with a delicious mixture of meats, vegetables and garnishes to really make these plates pop.


All-in-One Bites: For meetings and conferences, make noshing even easier for busy attendees by featuring an all-in-one mini bite! Serve small cups of soup with gooey grilled cheese, or hearty smoothies with crunchy granola. For a unique idea that’s elegant, serve spinach smoothies with a caviar topped cracker!


Tarts: Big celebration cakes aren’t always necessary, and many guests prefer bite-sized sweets instead. Hop on this trend by serving berry tarts for dessert. The berries add a dash of color and really stand out in photographs!


Sammies: Like the slider, but even more versatile, these mini sandwiches — or sammies — are the ultimate bite-sized snack. From traditional fillings, such as ham, turkey and pulled pork, to more creative options, such as halloumi and curry, guests will love these mini bites! 

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