How to harness energy for the right meeting purpose.


  The intent of feng shui is to create a harmonious environment — the perfect foundation for a productive meeting. Different setups can harness different energies, depending on the type of meeting you plan to host. It is a multifaceted design process, but here are some basic tips to get you started:

  • Clear the space in front of the meeting-room door to allow energy to flow into the room.
  • Place furniture so it faces windows. If the room doesn’t have windows, include plants, nature-inspired artwork or artificial water features to provide an outdoor connection.
  • Ensure there is ample lighting to create an illuminated space filled with positive energy.
  • Forgo furniture that features sharp right-angle corners in favor of pieces with rounded edges to promote the flow of creativity.
  • Speakers or meeting leaders should face the door, in what’s known as a command position.
  • Remove any clutter.


Feng shui comprises four resting energy guides: the turtle, the phoenix, the tiger and the dragon. (There is also the snake, which is the center; it changes with perspectives.) The turtle represents protection, the phoenix signifies forward thinking, the tiger denotes tools, and the dragon embodies hopes and dreams. Targeting these elements can help create better layouts for different meeting purposes:

  • As the protective guide, the turtle focuses on the back. Make sure attendees feel secure in their surroundings by placing seating so backs face a wall. This is a good foundation for any meeting style.


  • For brainstorming or visionary meetings, emphasize tiger- and dragon-related elements. Tools, such as writing utensils and notepads, should be placed to the right, and visual cues, such as flip charts, should be placed to the left.


  • For education and decision-making purposes, focus on incorporating phoenix-based elements. This means providing clear lines of sight. For example, arrange the room so there is plenty of empty space in front of a podium or screen, allowing everyone to see it.


Another way to do this is with colors and materials. Each energy guide is associated with a specific hue and element: the black turtle pairs with water, the red phoenix complements fire, the green dragon is linked to wood, and the white tiger is connected to metal. Incorporate the appropriate materials and shades to match your meeting mood and goal.