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Bloggers Invited: Get ready for GMIC Sao Paulo on November 17

Global Mobile Internet Conference is coming for the first time to Sao Paulo.



Global Mobile Internet Conference Sao Paulo is the first time the world’s biggest mobile technology conference is hitting Brazil. Expect GMIC excellence to come November 17th at the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel.

The GMIC Sao Paulo lineup is built for serious discussion with luminaries like Kingsoft VP of Global Sales Rene Buhay and Buscape Company founder Romero Rodrigues.

Keynote speaker Mercado Livre and Kaszek Ventures co-founder Hernan Kazah will set the tone with his talk, “Surf the Mobile Opportunity or Prepare for Tsunami”. As Managing Partner of Kaszek Ventures, Kazah has a unique view on the investment, entrepreneurial and corporate layout of South America, if not the world in general.

Hernan Kazah giving must-see GMIC Sao Paulo keynote

Kazah is co-founder of Mercado Livre and co-founder and Managing Partner of Kaszek Ventures. His keynote “Surf the Mobile Opportunity or Prepare for Tsunami” expresses not only the need for companies to create mobile-first identities, but to take South America itself seriously as a rising force.


“We used to talk about tech and non-tech companies, but now that is no longer the case as all companies, one way or another, revolve around technology,” he says. “The same will happen with ‘mobile’. It will be a mobile economy with a total uniqueness of the ‘mobile’ in people’s lives and companies’ processes, products and services.”

He adds, “Mobile Internet is coming and will not only revolutionize traditional companies, but will also impact solid Internet 101 business models.”Last but not least, in a GMIC Sao Paulo exclusive, comScore will share rare data from its new mobile data platform. A world leader in data and engagement, Comscore is providing GMIC Sao Paolo with unusually high business insight.

The new Sao Paulo venture is brought to you by revolutionary mobile keyboard company Kika and media giant Baidu, as well as KingsoftAction PayApps Flyer and other fine sponsors.

These highlights and more are at GMIC Sao Paulo happening November 17 at the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel. Register now.

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