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Blogger News: The Starling is reshaping everything we know about early childhood education 9.11.15

Created to help your child reach their full potential.



Smart design to help your child shine.
The Starling is a smart little device that tracks and analyzes the words your baby hears each day. Why is word tracking important? Because research shows the number of words your child is exposed to before age 4 is the greatest predictor of their future success. Even before your child can verbalize thoughts, their brain is busy processing language. This is why their most formative education begins long before kindergarten.
Your baby’s first (and most important) educational tool.
The Starling gives you the ability to nourish your child’s brain during the most rapid stage of development. For the first time, you can track wordsget feedback to improve the quality of your interactions, and ensure your child is on the path to greater success.
Studies show small talk can make a huge difference.
With just 10 minutes of engaging conversation a day, your child can build a vocabulary that is 30 million words ahead. Without it, a child can just as easily fall 30 million words behind. This kind of educational gap research is what inspired us to create the Starling. We wanted to design a tool that could impact a child’s educational trajectory for life.
We’ve redefined quality time.
How many words does it take to change a diaper? The Starling can tell you. We all know that reading to your baby is important. But it’s just as important to talk about the weather, make grocery lists together, laugh about the dog, and read emails aloud from your co-workers. Every opportunity you have to engage verbally with your baby is a chance to help them succeed. The Starling encourages you by suggesting new ways to create meaningful communication.
Words go in. Incredibly useful data comes out.
So now that we have you talking more, it’s important to know that there is a big difference in the way your child’s brain responds to what you’re saying. For example, saying “dog, dog, dog, dog” achieves a word count. But saying something like “Do you see the dog? What color is that dog? I think the dog is brown. Does that dog look sleepy?” achieves a higher quality of engagement. The Starling uses incredibly smart algorithms to analyze your dialog and to post analytics so that you can check up on how you’re doing.
A word tracker that’s easy to keep track of.
We put a lot of thought into making the Starling easy to use while you’re busy juggling life. The attachment options are interchangeable in seconds. You can move it from a newborn’s onesie to a preschooler’s waistband to an overstuffed diaper bag, all while one arm is holding a sippy cup behind your back.

  • a magnetic strap you can manage with one hand
  • a clip that hangs on to your tot, much like a pacifier
  • a hoop that can hook onto all your various mountains of baby gear (stroller, car seat, crib, etc.)

Safety first. And second. And third.
The Starling was designed with the utmost safety in mind. After all, we’re parents too. And based on our own experience, we know that babies are probably going to chew on it, drool on it, and cover it completely in chocolate cake. The Starling is BPA and Phthalate free, and it exceeds federal testing requirements.
They’re your words, not ours.
We believe privacy is paramount. That’s why the Starling doesn’t record anything you say – it simply counts words as they pass by. So rest easy. No one will know if you cursed in front of your kid. Except Grandma. Kids tell grandma everything.

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