Blogger Review: New Mijem App for Social Product Sharing, Buying, Selling, and Trading within Trusted Friends

Bloggers invited to review the beta of the Mijem app. Mijem is the best place to discover gems.


Do you have a shoe collection? Do you have a handbag collection? Do you have a car collection? Do you have amazing furniture? Do you have interesting art?

Well now, Mijem allows you to build your online collections of gems. With Mijem, there will be no more disorganized posts. People are happy they can browse specific collections that interest them (example: jewelry and shoes only). Followers are also notified when new gems are added to your collections. Combined with optional features such as the ability to add prices and links, Mijem is a powerful social media for you to share your clothing collection, shoe collection, jewelry collection, etc. all in an organized manner. Mijem is a free app to download!

Bloggers: You are invited to review the beta of the Mijem app. Mijem is the best place to discover gems.
Mijem is a social C2C company that connects consumers with other consumers, enable C2C commerce, and builds trusted communities.

On Mijem, consumers are able to:

-discover new products posted by other users
-buy, sell, or trade with other users
-build communities they trust

Users create profiles and add items to their collections. Users can follow other users. Lastly users can chat and engage in other C2C activities.

We have a public beta released. In addition, we have a private enhanced version available for specific people to test. We would like to have you join us in the product review prior to launch in January 2016. We would be glad to provide you access to the private version. Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!