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2016's color trends provide myriad options to create an event environment that is both calming and stimulating.



 Bright, colorful decor is key for creating a fun, memorable event, and today’s trending colors are providing ample opportunity for creative decor palettes. See what hues and combinations are hot this year to help guide selections for your next function.

2016 Color Trends

Pantone, the leading color institute, has unveiled its top hues for spring 2016, which promote happiness, reflection and self-expression. Soft hues, such as Rose Quartz, Peach Echo and Serenity, join more vibrant hues, such as Fiesta, Buttercup and Snorkel Blue.  


Sherwin-Williams took a similar approach with its 2016 Colormix collection. Each of the four palettes emphasizes a different concept, from the industrial evolution of Nouveau Narrative to the unplugged serenity of Pura Vida.


Behr’s 2016 color selections emphasize the need to create stimulating environments for a sensory-deprived population. Contrasting colors, such as the vibrant teal of Emperor’s Silk and the neutral purple-gray of Charcoal Plum, create dimension by adding layers and depth to a room’s décor.


And even basic white can have a huge impact, which is why stark, crisp Simply White is Benjamin Moore’s top pick for 2016. Use it to create a beautiful winter wonderland or a contemporary atmosphere.

Picking Palettes

When selecting colors, paint manufacturers have a host of tools to help find a range of strong mixes. Another online tool from German designer Fabian Burghardt has recently emerged. In it, he showcases interesting color palettes in geometric patterns for a contemporary take on traditional pairings. The tool features 18 different designs, with color matches ranging from pinks, blues and yellows to oranges, blacks and grays.


But no matter how daring or calming your palette may be, the key to good color in 2016 is undoubtedly to stimulate people and allow them to unplug from their technology-heavy routine. 

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