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Blogger Review: Web’s Largest Crowdsourced Security Extension Keeps Online Shoppers Safe

Review the Web of Trust (WOT) safety tool and get a $50 gift card.



It's 2016 and cyber crime is on the rise. That new computer your family got for Christmas is vulnerable to a variety of threats and scams, leaving online shoppers and surfers wondering: “Is this link safe?” The answer: Web of Trust will tell you. Web of Trust (WOT) is a website safety tool that helps users make informed decisions about whether to trust a website when shopping online.
With WOT, the world’s largest crowdsourced security extension, users can contribute to web safety by rating websites, warning other users of potential threats they come across, such as malware, phishing, and scams. This December, WOT released WOT 3.0 to Firefox and Chrome. With the newest version of the extension installed, users can shop safely this holiday season with improved UX and a simplified layout.
“We’ve recently made exciting upgrades to WOT that will greatly improve the experience for new and existing users. We will continue gathering user feedback, making improvements and releasing new, free crowdsourced security products.” the MyWOT Team announced on their forum.
How does WOT work?
WOT displays website reputations as traffic lights next to links when you use search engines, social networking sites, email and popular sites such as Reddit and Wikipedia. By hovering over the traffic light icon, users can learn more about a website’s reputation and other users’ opinions. A green traffic light means users have rated the site as trusted and reliable, red warns of potential threats and yellow indicates that one should proceed with caution. WOT website ratings and reviews are powered by a global community of millions of users who rate websites based on their personal experiences, and are verified by trusted technical sources.

We are looking for tech bloggers to write about the WOT (Web of Trust) browser extension on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Links to the extension store can be found on our website. The bloggers that will be chosen for the campaign will get a $50 Amazon gift card in return for their honest review. If you are interested please apply here

About WOT
At WOT we believe security is a right, not a privilege. WOT is the web’s largest crowdsourced security platform. Our array of free and simple tools perfectly complement traditional security solutions: in addition to known hazards, they protect against threats only the human eye can spot. Our users contribute to the safety of the wider community while our technology completes the picture by providing active protection and manipulation prevention.


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