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Blogger News: The Hidden Power of Neutrals 21.12.15

Design tips with neutrals colors.



The definition of what exactly a neutral is can be confusing. It seems as if every designer has a different take on which colors, or “non colors” qualify as neutrals. The truth is that this category of colors has gone through a perception transition which has widened its breadth. The “traditional” neutral colors still remain part of the family; however subtle hues with a definitive color presence have now been added to the category. Though these new shades are recognizable as colors, they can still be used much like traditional neutrals.

Neutral colors have many advantages as a paint color choice. They are colors which are livable, flexible, and classic. They are as ideal for individuals who are unsure about color choice as those who are. For those that prefer colorful décor pieces or want to visually balance a strong accent wall, neutrals are a perfect choice. Neutral color palettes are subtle and stylish, and can create spaces that are both restful and soothing or warm and energizing.

The traditional definition of a neutral was a color which didn’t fall into any of the standard color families typically associated with the “color wheel.” These included the gray, brown, and white families. Color such as taupes, off-whites and light grays lack definitive color and therefore have little-to-no risk of creating discord with your current furnishings or color schemes. These subtle “no-color” colors could also easily support bright, deep, or subtle accents, making them virtually foolproof.

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