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Blogger News: BEST BEVERAGE IDEAS OF 2015 4.1.16

Get inspired by popular cocktail options from this past year.



See the most popular photos on Meetings Imagined this year for fresh ideas to incorporate into your meetings in the new year.

Cocktail Stations

Construct beverage stations around a particular drink — be it traditional favorites, such as gin & tonic, or a signature cocktail. Having such stations offer the opportunity to spotlight beverage sponsors with decorative displays.


Spice up your event and your cocktails by using a mixologist to concoct a bevy of creative beverages. Not only will guests get to enjoy great drinks, they’ll be entertained by seeing all the different combinations the mixologist drums up.

Local Ingredients

Highlighting local specialties — whether sugarcane, berries or other delicacies — is a great way to connect attendees to their event destination. Incorporate decor that reflects local flavors to enhance the effect. Consider using QR codes to educate attendees about drink ingredients.

Fruit Infusion

Add fruit flavors to traditional cocktails, like this pomegranate-infused mojito, to brighten them up both in taste and appearance. Such refreshing additions are sure to be a hit among guests.

Themed Containers

Equally important to the drinks themselves is how they are served. Thematic containers, such as perfume-styled bottles or science beakers, can add the right hint of whimsy to an event to truly make it memorable.

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