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Blogger Review: Beautiful Calendar - New Features

Bloggers invited to write an honest review about Beautiful Calendar and get a $60 Amazon gift card.



Once upon a time, everyone had pretty wall calendars to help keep their homes and themselves organized. Beautiful Calendar (BC) has taken a modern day approach to organization and migrated that pretty wall calendar online.  With a click of a button, users can sync their Facebook events as well as Google Calendar. 

BC is now excited to announce the release of V 1.2, which includes new features such as:

·  Ability to set events to a customized hourly time frame
·  Events can be explicitly defined as "all day" event
·  Add a location to your event
·  Facebook events are now integrated
·  Greeting cards - on a special, global events,  easily share a greeting card with just  a click of a button.

The link from the calendar event opens a selection of greeting cards that can be customized and sent out to the beloved ones.

Users can also choose their favorite from a number of themes, including sports, cats, dogs, artists, flowers, and more. Forgetting a meeting, event, or birthday will be a thing of the past. No more out of sight, out of mind! BC is easy to use - by simply adding the extension to their favorite browser, users will see their calendar on the search homepage.

Add the extension to the browser with following link: http://beautifulcalendar.net/#/        

We are looking for bloggers in the Tech and Lifestyle verticals; focused in the US market. Bloggers are welcome to review the Beautiful Calendar. We are looking to get the product out and about with the message of an easy to use, fun, pretty and functional calendar. For those selective bloggers that write an honest review and post about Beautiful Calendar, we will be happy to give a $60 gift card to Amazon. If you are interested please apply here.

About Beautiful Calendar: 

BC was started by a group of people in Tel Aviv who wanted to keep organized in style. The group has worked in the technology and internet industry for over 2 decades and has a large portfolio of successful apps and browser extensions. BC contacted the best artists and designers and asked them: What does a special day look like? As a result, BC has dozens of heartwarming themes to choose from.              

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