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Blogger News: Innovation Seminar for European Startup Ecosystem Managers to open in Israel 11.1.16

The seminar will be held from April 4 to April 7 and is composed of more than 30 partners and key players in the Israeli ecosystem who will expose the participants to the fundamentals of the Israeli start-up ecosystem, i.e "The Startup Nation"



StarTAU, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center is launching in partnership with IBM a 4-day seminar in Israel during the first week of April (3.4-6.4) for an audience of startup ecosystem managers from Europe.
The goal of this seminar is to expose the participants to the fundamentals of the Israeli Start-up ecosystem, i.e “The Startup Nation”. This includes educational sessions, panels, visiting key players and having meetings with leaders from the Israeli startup ecosystem who will share their best practices. This is also an opportunity to form a network of relationships with leaders from the Israeli and European startup ecosystems.
The Seminar is aimed for an audience of startup ecosystem managers from Europe: 
Accelerator managers / Program managers at innovation hubs / Head of innovation / Business development & startup relations in large corporations / Leaders of entrepreneurship programs in academic institutions / managers of co-working spaces / Directors in governmental organizations and the like.
During the seminar we will cover a variety of topics surrounding the Israeli startup scene while presenting a holistic view of the foundation of the Israeli ecosystem. Every day will finish with a networking session that will allow for one-on-one opportunities to network with key players in the Israeli and the European startup ecosystems.
For the purpose of this seminar we have partnered with more than 20 leading key players in the Israeli startup ecosystem, including Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), The Ministry of Economy, IBM Startups and Academia Ecosystem in Israel, Intel, SIT, JVP (VC), OurCrowd, Tel Aviv Municipality, Blumberg (VC), Indiegogo, Vertical Engine and more.
StarTAU, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center, is a nonprofit organization and a leading actor in the Israeli startup ecosystem. StarTAU has been named one of the best 3 academy business incubators in the world, according to the 2013 UBI Index Report. During the last 7 years, StarTAU has been one of the most important intersection points between the academic, business and government sectors, while providing a bridge between the Israeli and global ecosystems.

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