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Blogger News: BEST SNACKS OF 2015 11.1.16

See what snacks were most popular this year.



See the most popular snack photos on Meetings Imagined this year for fresh ideas to incorporate into your meetings in the new year.


Events are usually jam-packed with activities and meetings, so anything quick and portable is usually going to be a hit. These delicious Brazil nuts are supplied in an easy-to-close container so attendees can stash them away and get a burst of energy whenever the need strikes them.






Healthful Fare

Smart snacking can give guests the fuel they need to get through a full day. That includes plenty of nutritious options, such as healthful fruits. Provide whole options, such as apples, or bite-sized samplings, such as these simple skewers.







Salty and Sweet

Mix up flavors with a buffet of popcorn, nuts and candy. Scoops and individual bags allow attendees to take as much or as little as they want and sample their snacks as they network with other guests. And different-colored serveware creates an eye-catching display, to boot.







Creative Displays

Delicious donuts are even more enticing when they’re towering over the buffet. These donut stacks highlight the colorful nature of these icing-covered treats while also keeping the buffet table simple and clean. Think of other stackable snacks you can use to create a similarly looming display.







Local Produce

Farm-fresh snacks offer an opportunity to highlight local specialties and add color to your buffet displays. Here, crudites pair nicely with dips, cheeses and artisanal bread. Seasonal spreads can also work nicely to showcase a particular time of year (think oranges and yellows in fall) using food as decor. 

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