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Blogger News: Whole Foods Daily Dish 12.1.16

Every day our plates get filled with news from the world of food. Here's what our editors found most interesting today.



The World’s Largest Rooftop Greenhouse

Gotham Greens got its start by launching a greenhouse on top of a former bowling alley and then on top of the Whole Foods Market Gowanus store in Brooklyn. But their biggest greenhouse yet sits on the roof of a Chicago factory that makes environmentally friendly soap for Method. The sprawling 75,000-square-foot greenhouse can run fully on renewables and provides year-round production of leafy greens and herbs.

Make Organics Your Main Squeeze

If your New Year’s resolutions include making healthier food choices, consider adding a few of The Organic Center’s 10 organic resolutions for 2016 to your list. The lineup covers shopping organic to reduce your family’s exposure to pesticides and promoting pollinator health.

Feast Your Eyes on Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast isn’t just for health food enthusiasts anymore. If you’re thinking about giving these golden flakes a spot on your pantry shelf, you might be wondering what all you can sprinkle the savory, cheesy pixie dust on. Almost anything! Here are six ways to cook with nutritional yeast, from popcorn to salad dressings, plus a video for inspiration. 

Photo Credit: @wfmbrooklyn


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