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Blogger News: See yourself in the best light 19.1.16

The new wide-view sensor mirror by Simplehuman



Under the wrong lighting, makeup colors can fool you. Our tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight for the brightest, most color-correct view.
Simulates natural sunlight, so you can see full color variation and always know when your makeup is color-correct and flawless.
Using the app, capture light settings from the world around you and accurately recreate them in the mirror.
confidence at any angle
A wide viewing area and folding side panels give you a great view from any angle.
dynamic sensing
The mirror lights up automatically as your face approaches. Once in use, the sensitivity of the sensor increases so it won't turn off unexpectedly.
need a cue?
Manage your time efficiently by using the mirror's soft-alarm feature — it flashes the lights to keep you on schedule.
go cord-free!
The mirror is rechargeable and can be used without a cord for up to 3 weeks on a single charge.


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