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Blogger News: 6 FOODIE TRENDS FOR 2016 26.1.16

Inspire and entertain foodie attendees with these creative food ideas.



 Food has always been an important component of events. But foodie culture has become so prevalent that colleges have begun to offer food systems courses to educate students on the agricultural backgrounds of their favorite foods. Event planners need to step up their game to satisfy attendees’ epicurean interests.

Event Marketer notes the following trends for 2016 to engage and inspire the foodies at your next event:

Share-Worthy Displays

Foodies love taking pictures of their meals to share on social media, and food displays at events are no exception. Make yours stand out with creative themes and artistic setups.






Craft Cocktails

Forget traditional drink menus. The more artisanal the offering, the more enticing it will likely be to the foodie crowd. 






Food Trucks

These mobile restaurants' niche fare have made them a staple in many metro areas. Add one to your event as a creative catering and branding opportunity.





Small Plates

Initially a solution for smaller venues that couldn’t offer sitdown options, this trend has caught on as a great setup for networking and allowing guests to sample multiple dishes more easily.






Farm-To-Table Events

Comparable to craft cocktails, local food products are a hit among foodies because they are fresh and unique. Also, they offer a good opportunity to showcase an event destination through specialty items.






Expert Service

Foodies don’t want to just eat good food — they also want to learn more about the drinks and dishes they’re consuming. Employ expert servers to help make attendees feel like they're experts on the menu items too.


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