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Blogger News: Live a little kinder - IKEA AVÄNDBAR collection 16.2.16

A greener lifestyle is a kinder life. And it's all about the home we live in. Yes, at the end of the day it's about the planet, but it all starts at home.



Live a little kinder with ANVÄNDBAR collection                         
 A greener lifestyle is a kinder life. And it’s all about the home we live in. Yes, at the end of the day it’s about the planet, but it all starts at home.
Saving water and energy. Sorting waste. Doing little things when and where we can. And enjoying the way that makes us feel. Like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.
IKEA can help everyone live a little kinder. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it makes a difference.
So it’s time for ANVÄNDBAR, a new collection for a greener lifestyle. One with products that feature natural materials like porcelain, terracotta, glass, wood and textiles made of cotton.
They embrace daily life at home. From planting and plant display, cooking and food storage to natural and reusable shopping bags. Products to help with doing the dishes, cleaning the home, waste sorting. Even water bottles to keep you hydrated.
And the Scandinavian design fits well in any home. So now, we can let daily chores help the planet too. But with style people can talk about and share.
We can all take plant cuttings from friends’ plants. Or out in nature, as long as no protected flora are damaged, of course. And watch them take root in beautiful water-filled vases. Then replant in the earth when it’s time. It’s never been so easy to be part of the ecological system.
Glass means the whole cuttings are visible, from leaf to root. The vases are dishwasher-safe.
Bringing the outdoors indoors, even when space is limited. Imagine little hanging gardens, Babylonian style. Well, almost. Hanging trays and plant pots can really give that Emerald Forest feeling.
Plants in hanging pots and trays mean your surfaces stay clear for daily use.



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