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Bloggers Invited: Biggest AR/VR event in Europe at Wearable Technology Show next month 18.2.16

The Wearable Technology Show, co located with The Augmented Reality Show, will host Europe's largest AR and VR offering in London next month.



The event takes place 15-16 March at ExCeL and has just been nominated as Tech.London’s Spotlight Event for the month by the Mayor of London’s office.
Sony Mobile’s developer advocate Joakim Elvander will headline, presenting a keynote on the first day. He will be joined by high profile speakers from Blippar, Engine Creative, Starship, Vuzix, Atheer Labs, Lufthansa and Epson, ending with a closing keynote from Denis Hurley, head of future technologies at Pearson.
On the second day, Wednesday 16 March, a whole host of AR and VR thought leaders will come together to provide valuable insight into retail and commerce, mobile VR, smart eyewear, developments for enterprise, AR and VR innovation. An opening keynote will be delivered by Daqri’s co-founder, Gaia Dempsey.
Out of the conference theatres, the expo floor will be buzzing with AR and VR developers presenting groundbreaking technology and content.
·       Vuzix – UK launch of the Vuzix iWear video headphones, which provide users with a mobile wearable video display and gaming solution featuring dual high-definition displays. The iWear has a field of view equivalent to a 125” home theatre screen viewed from 10 feet away.
·       The Economist is bringing an incredible virtual reality experience to the event, which brings back to life the historical collection of the Mosul Museum raided by IS in 2014.
·       Zappar – the AR pioneer will be popping up throughout the Wearable Technology Show, to bring fun, snackable AR experiences to visitors, including an AR experience on their name badges, which will whisk them away from the ExCeL to a 360-degree tour with fun interactions.
·       Octagon – launch 1 – launching the AR clothing collection, which gives a fun twist to casual wear, as a 'hidden world' is revealed on the wearer’s mobile device.
·       Octagon – launch 2 – launching Dinosaur 4D+, a pack of AR flashcards, which, when seen through a mobile device, brings these fascinating prehistoric creatures to life. Users can interact with them simply by tapping the screen, expand their knowledge through the facts displayed, or notch up the fun by accessing the application using the VR Luna headset.
·       Arloopa - launching its Xinect software development kit, which allows game and Kinect developers to create their own applications to augment the real world with virtual objects and avatars.
·       Artifact – global launch! Artifact is adding VR support to its content delivery platform, allowing them to deliver immersive virtual reality experiences via the cloud in the same way they currently deliver augmented reality.
·       Diota - launching version 1.1 of the DiotaPlayer®, its generic and plug-and-play AR software usable by non-experts and widely deployable. This solution allows AR to be adapted intuitively to a broad spectrum of industrial use cases.
·       Joinpad – launching the new ARRAKIS SDK PRO, allowing the development of commercial applications and with an improved set of tools and many advanced features related to intuitive navigation, 3D objects manipulation, location-based AR with custom location provider, object recognition, true stereoscopy with android views, wrapper to map physical device buttons and new interaction ways.
·       XM Reality – showcasing a solution based on AR - the closest to teleportation you can get today! A support person can interact with – and offer instruction to – people all over the world.         
John Weir, event director, Wearable Technology Show, commented: “They say 2016 is THE year for virtual reality (VR), and there’s no doubting it’s an exciting time given how many headsets are on the cusp of launching and bringing this amazing new technology to market after what seems like an eternity in development. But let’s not forget augmented reality (AR). It may be the big brother in this relationship, but its maturity has its upsides, which can be seen in the fantastic, innovative content launching at the show.
“With two days of challenging and practical conference sessions, plus some inspirational product launches on the show floor, the Wearable Technology Show is a must-attend event for everyone involved or interested in the worlds of AR and VR.”
Registration for the Wearable Technology Show is open now at http://www.wearabletechnologyshow.net/register. Follow us on Twitter @wearabletecshow #WTS16

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