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Blogger News: WOMEN’S WINTER 2016 1.3.16

Metropolitan poetry marks the collection in Missoni's Inimitable style with an artistic and kaleidoscopic flair.



Compact and soft matted knits cloak the body, like an oversized blanket. An interplay of overlapping and draped layers buzz with a colourful energy. It is an uptown look with a New York feel made up of shirts, sleeveless cardigans and jackets each with a masculine cut, using 3D patchwork and graphics and include electric multi-coloured stripes and squares on trousers, knits and maxi cardigans. There’s plenty of room to creatively mix and match. An urban clothing collection for a 24/7 lifestyle that boasts vertical stripes dripping in bold colours on coats, knits and dresses.

A true manifesto of Missoni's know-how, including a striking variety of shades shown through iconic hand crafted knits, surprising in an unexpected degradationof colour and asymmetrical effects. A raw touch gives the pieces a hand-made feel. For Daywear, Missoni has combined tight leggings together with suits featuring wide legged trousers and long coats in multi-coloured loom-knits, fur effect cashmere and sexy scarves worn as wraps.

A sexy-chic allure comes across for day and night with silk and lurex fringed boleros as well as jackets, long cardigans and plissè knit dresses. It is an effect marked by lightness and iridescence in soft tones, from powder pink to antique blue and lime, with a glitter touch to brighten up the silhouette. Precious textures light up sparkling knits and dresses in soft and ever feminine lines for an eclectic and contemporary woman.Elegance makes a colour statement on flat sneakers, customized with prints from the collection or laced up ballerina slippers with knitted laces and patchwork leather sandals in an array of metallic colours.

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