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Blogger Review: BorrowMyDoggy - Matching dog owners with local borrowers for walks, sitting and holiday care.

Review the BorrowMyDoggy service and get a complimentary BorrowMyDoggy subscription + 50 GBP gift card.



Dog owner? Love dogs?
BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with local dog lovers across the UK and Ireland for walks, sitting, and happy holidays.
Our aim is to leave ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of dogs and people by building local communities where dog lovers give a helping hand taking care of local pooches simply because they love dogs, not to get paid.
We operate across the UK and Ireland with thousands of new members joining every week. When an owner lends their doggy to a local borrower, it’s a win-win (or woof-woof) situation for everyone involved:
  • The dog gets extra walks, affection and ear ruffles
  • The owner has peace of mind knowing their pooch is well taken care of by another dog-lover
  • The borrowers enjoys some happy dog time
How it Works
1.       Create your profile
2.       Search for local dogs or borrowers
3.       Subscribe and verify your account
4.       Message your favourite members
5.       Meet and build a relationship
Safety and Security
The safety and welfare of your pooch is of the pupmost importance to us, which is why we offer:
 Third party liability insurance 24/7 Vet Line
All subscribed borrowers go through our 3-step verification process. You can learn more about our verification process and the Welcome Woof by clicking here.

We are looking for pet bloggers / bloggers who blog about dogs to review our service. We are offering:

  • A complimentary BorrowMyDoggy subscription (worth £44.99 for dog owners or £9.99 for borrowers).
  • A bespoke concierge matching service based on your needs
  • £50 gift card
If you are interested please apply here. Limited spots available.


1.       Create your profile here
2.       Connect with the community and find you match.
3.       Write a post about your own experience with BorrowMyDoggy.
4.       Include a link to BorrowMyDoggy website
5.       Include one of BorrowMyDoggy's videos 
6.       Share your post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tag BorrowMyDoggy
7.        Use the hashtag: #borrowmydoggy #pawprintsofhappiness
8.       Please complete your review until April 17th, 2016.


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